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shocked as staff try to earn a crust; ONE TO WATCH.

Back To The Floor: The aptly named Peter Baker is managing director of British Bakeries, a pounds 400 million business making 2.3 million loaves of bread daily, including Mother's Pride and Hovis.

But faced with massive competition from cheap supermarket bread, Baker is determined to modernise his company and its products.

He's got rid of the stuffy old Hovis image, changed the management and is even sending his workers on "trendy" motivational courses.

Baker wants to know if his changes are working and he goes back to the floor in one of his Newcastle bakeries to find out.

It specialises in what he hopes will be the future of his business, high-cost Italian-style breads - focaccias and ciabattas - and the odd homegrown item like hot cross buns.

Baker joins colleagues on a motivational team building away day. But what have business mantras, bonding exercises and house music got to do with making bread? He finds not all his staff are convinced of its value.

Then it's off to spend a long night in the despatch warehouse where 145,000 different loaves, rolls and buns must be sorted by sunrise.

Arguably the most interesting moment finds Baker working alongside employee Ian. He is amazed to discover he earns 12 times Ian's pounds 15,000 salary. (BBC2, 10pm)


Back To The Floor: (BBC2, 10pm)
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Title Annotation:Media
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 13, 2001
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