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sara LBS Firesafe door material as standard.

sara LBS, one of the UK's leading suppliers of industrial doors, is offering maximum safety and thermal efficiency in all sectional overhead doors by specifying Kingspan certified Firesafe door panel material as standard.

In the event of a fire, a door's resistance levels can mean the difference between containing the fire to one area or it spreading throughout the building and putting lives at risk. To ensure that its standard sectional overhead doors offer the highest levels of protection in such a scenario, sara LBS now officially specifies Kingspan Firesafe panels as standard.

Kingspan has over 40 years experience in producing fire resistant materials for the construction industry; it manufactures a unique urethane foam core which is then sandwiched between galvanised steel stucco exterior panels to create a sara sectional door. In the event of a fire, the foam infill swells and expands to form a strong, carbonaceous char which will not add to the fire.

Ed Wilks, Operations Manager for sara LBS, comments: "During the design of a new building it is important that the worst case scenario is considered. No-one ever plans to have a fire but accidents can and do happen. We specify Firesafe panels as standard so that if the worst does happen there is a higher chance of containment in the early stages."

On top of fire safety there is an added benefit to sara's high quality door panels. Sectional overhead doors are often used as the entry point for loading bays as their design allows them to lift clear of approaching vehicles while maintaining a small footprint that does not diminish internal storage space. Because of this, sars's doors often play a key role in maintaining a building's thermal insulation.

Ed Wilks continues: "When positioned at an entry point, a door's thermal efficiency can play a significant role in a building's overall heating or refrigeration costs.

A door with a high degree of thermal insulation can save hundreds of pounds each year; when there are multiple loading bays this can soon add up. The Fireside panels from Kingspan have U-values up to 0.2W/m2K making our sectional overhead doors some of the most thermally efficient on the market."

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