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rural Ontario good sense gives Trump wide berth.

Byline: Jim merriam

a new poll seems to emerge every 10 minutes in the u.s. presidential primary. none of them tells us what rural Ontario thinks about the republicans' trek towards self destruction.

But even in the absence of polling, it's not difficult to get a read on rural Ontario's reaction. it's a major topic in the coffee shops and sales barns across much of the region.

anecdotally, most rural residents think donald Trump is a storey and a half short of a new hotel tower.

There are a few however, blinded by their hatred for everybody from Tommy douglas to hillary clinton, who would vote for Trump in a second to teach those dastardly leftists a lesson.

no matter their age, many of these same folks have nasty pet names for Justin Trudeau, right out of a Grade 3 playground.

But i digress. in a recent Tv discussion on the race, one of Trump's mouthpieces suggested people should stop taking what the candidate says literally.

For example when he denied any knowledge of david duke and the Ku Klux Klan, we should have known better than to believe that's what he meant to say.

and when he said he'd like to punch a protester in the mouth? "again, he was taken literally."

apparently we should guess what he really means when he says he'll ban all Muslims and deport millions of illegal immigrants.

The media is being criticized for giving Trump so much coverage. however, if news is defined as something out of the ordinary, Trump meets the criteria.

if there's a legitimate complaint against the media, it's related to the "not taking Trump literally" thing. The interviewer should have held the speaker's feet to the fire on that one.

we all know politicians stretch, bend and manipulate the truth, but Trump takes us down a whole new rabbit hole.

Of course, Trump's appeal to the masses has more to do with emotion than words.

he pulls together a group (read: mob) and then makes people feel part of it.

it's just one more element of fascination with the way he has dragged the party of abraham lincoln and ronald reagan through the mud.

watching the Trump campaign is like watching a runaway train barrelling toward a cliff.

except the cliff seems to keep receding.

analyst Melissa Jeltsen recently concluded Trump is conning the entire country. she said the King of the comb-over is gaslighting everybody.

"This form of psychological abuse (favoured by domestic abusers) typically plays out like so: The gaslighter states something false with such intensity and conviction that whoever is on the receiving end is confused and begins to doubt their own perspective.

"The term comes from a 1938 play called Gaslight, in which a husband drives his wife crazy by secretly altering things in her house and making her question her grip on reality."

writer nicole hemmer agreed, saying Trump is a classic gaslighter, and his target is all of us.

"Trump is a toxic blend of Barnum and bully. if you're a good mark, he's your best friend. But if you catch on to the con, then he starts to gaslight.

"ask him a question and he'll lie without batting an eye. call him a liar and he'll declare himself 'truthful to a fault.' confront him with contradictory evidence and he'll shrug and repeat the fib. Maybe he'll change the subject. But he'll never change the lie."

all of which makes one ever more thankful to be in rural Ontario.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Geographic Code:1CONT
Date:Mar 21, 2016
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