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rock 'n rubbish.

I don't BELIEVE it.

Ozzy Osbourne's ex manager claims the story about the Black Sabbath star and wife Sharon splitting up was all a publicity stunt.

Surely not. Surely that 67-year-old picture of health and virility was six times a night-ing it with a young blonde hairdresser as any self-respecting rocker would be just before launching a new tour.

And surely Mrs O has been busting his balls for it as any X-plosive X Factor judge about to re-sign with Simon Cowell would do.

Some people are just too cynical. Sounds rock solid to me. Like week old hardened horse dung.


SPLIT IT OUT Are Oz and Sharon over or what?

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Title Annotation:Editorial; Opinion, Columns
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jun 8, 2016
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