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rise [1].


Pronunciation: \'r[macron over i]z\


rose \'r[macron over o]z\

ris*en \'ri-z[sup.[schwa]]n\

ris*ing \'r[macron over i]-zi[tailed n]\

1 : to get up from lying, kneeling, or sitting

2 : to get up from sleeping in a bed

3 : to go or move up We saw smoke rising. <The leather ball cleared the wall, still rising. Jon Scieszka, Knights of the Kitchen Table>

4 : to swell in size or volume <The river was rising.> <Their voices rose as they argued.>

5 : to increase in amount or number <Prices are rising.>

6 : to become encouraged or grow stronger <Their spirits rose.>

7 : to appear above the horizon <The sun rises at six.>

8 : to gain a higher rank or position <He rose to colonel.> <The game rose in popularity.>

9 : to come into being <The river rises in the hills.>

10 : to successfully deal with a difficult situation <She rose to the challenge.>

11 : to return from death

12 : to launch an attack or revolt <The people rose in rebellion.>

ris*er \'r[macron over i]-z[schwa]r\ noun <an early riser>

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