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review: Angela & Tony; real RADIO 105-106fm Wales' real good feel good music.

Keeping it Real!

TONY: It's the end of yet another eventful week and here we stand on the brink of a new adventure, Angela.

ANGELA: Whatever! All I know is it was fun again, Tony. I had lots of birthdays, we had the McCain sports challenge and gave away a heap of money on our brilliant, brand-new game The Real Deal!

TONY: Yes, thousands of pounds and I have to say, I am feeling a Wii bit fitter! I need to after all that dining out!

ANGELA: But you wouldn't share your chips! You're not very good at sharing stuff are you Tony?

TONY: I am, I gave you my lovely, luscious cold... Pass it on to the in-laws if you don't want it mate.

ANGELA: Yeah that's right, it was lovely meeting my boyfriend's dad for the first time with a streaming nose. I can't get rid of it!

TONY: But we can get rid of potentially pounds 3,000 a day on the Real Deal which returns tomorrow morning.

ANGELA: Listen to me, Angela Jay, and Tony Wright on the Real Breakfast show across Wales on 105-106FM, and Sky 0146.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 21, 2008
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