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Hope springs eternal

My "friend" Phil and I, who live in the heart of America, also wonder if the new administration "will discuss our issues" ["The Two West Wings," February 13]. As we cling to each other and hope for a better future, we pray that God will let the light of compassion rain down on the Bush administration.

John C. Anderson, Silvis, Ill.

Thanks for nothing

As a gay man who has not always agreed with whatever the prevailing gospel of our gay "leaders" happens to be, I have always admired Steve Gunderson's courage in saying what he believes rather than what the majority of gay men and lesbians want to hear. However, as a recovering Republican, I must take issue with what seems to be the central point of his commentary ["Looking for Success in the New Washington," February 13]. I would prefer to receive nothing from the Republican Party than cheerfully accept less than I/we deserve.

Bill Moore, via the Internet

I understand why Gunderson and all of the "Republican gays" think we should focus on bipartisanship during the next four years. After all, they need all the help they can get to enable them to delude themselves, and us, into believing the Republicans will ever give GLBT folks respect, much less any power.

Carol Anderson, Santa Monica, Calif.

What Gunderson failed to include in his commentary is the necessity to out every gay Republican in any political organization anywhere in the United States. With the exception of a few, they take from us but fail to give back, and we keep on remaining silent. Isn't it time to stop this charade?

V. Careatti, Annandale, Va.

True Christian values

Chris Bull's interview with James Hormel ["The Ambassador's Story," February 13] was very well done. The questions were relevant and thoughtful while avoiding any sense of sensationalism. That Hormel's partner of six years was included in the interview is a fitting tribute to the significance of same-sex relationships and recognizes the impact of the deceitful homophobic battle waged against Hormel on both of them. Although Hormel did not say this specifically, it seems to me that his lack of bitterness toward his manipulative, bigoted, homophobic opponents represents the true Christian value of forgiveness. I wish both Hormel and Wu the best and thank them for representing our community with such integrity and maturity.

Michael B. Davis, Springtown, Pa.

Happy talk

I have known Brian Bennett for seven years and was one of the main people who encouraged him to come out [At Issue, February 13]. Our political views could not be more opposite. When he and his partner bought their house, I gave a donation in their name to Habitat for Humanity (I wanted Brian on the list of at least one socially conscious Democratic organization). I joke with him that everything and everyone he votes for, I am there to cancel his vote out with mine. Instead of our ideologies dividing us, we have found it incredible to have these dialogues. I know Brian as an intelligent, passionate "activist" (he would not like the use of the word). Although he and I still disagree on much, I applaud his efforts because I believe it's important to "cross borders" as much as possible. He and I are a model of what I'd like to create: It isn't important to always be right; it is important to have the conversation.

Jeff Sapp, Orange, Calif.

San Francisco baiting

Linda Chavez first blipped onto my radar screen when she tried to parlay her service on Reagan's U.S. Commission on Civil Rights into a seat in the U.S. Senate [The Nation, February 13]. During the campaign she referred to her Democratic opponent, then-representative Barbara Mikulski, as a "San Francisco-style Democrat." Enough said.

Edward Sherman, New York, N. Y.

Acting out

After reading Bruce Vilanch's column [Notes From a Blond, February 13], I wondered, Isn't it also the straight actors who are paranoid about losing those prime love interest parts? If Hollywood were gay-friendly and understanding, why wouldn't a straight actor say "It's nobody's business" when asked about his sexuality?

D. Nelson, Denver, Colo.

The tragedy is that we as a society actually expect social responsibility or anything other than selfishness from actors/celebrities. Centuries ago actors were traveling revelers, roving from town to town, entertaining the masses, no more respected than blacksmiths. Sadly, the only difference between them and today's actors/stars/celebrities is that those of today make millions of dollars. Nowadays we celebrate an actor being released from prison in order to make a movie. As if that is not enough, he wins a Golden Globe. Show me a surgeon released from prison in order to save someone's life. On that note, let me close by telling our flighty blond Hollywood Square that he knows nothing about homophobia in the field of medicine and should therefore refrain from commenting on the topic.

Douglas Charney, MD, New York, N. Y.

Party pooper?

The issues raised in Sheila Kuehl's Last Word [February 13] referring to the Log Cabin Republicans' "denial" was demeaning. How can you say Log Cabin has lost its way? Because they happen to look at GLBT issues through a different perspective than you does not give you the right to put them down. The organization's mission rests upon that of the Republican Party: fighting for individual rights, not group rights. They mobilize gay-friendly legislation in a party unfriendly to gay issues. I applaud Log Cabin for fighting for gay rights while also standing finn with their political views. Founder Richard Tafel says, "Why did Rosa Parks sit in a part of the bus where she wasn't welcome? She must have hated herself to submit to that abuse. Justice requires us to stand up for truth wherever we are. The more dangerous the place we make our stand, the more important it is that we stand up and come out. This is particularly true for gay people, because often, until we come out where we are, no one knows we are there." Need I say anything else?

Travis Macy, Greensboro, N. C.

I'm really tired of listening to everyone who is unhappy about the results of the Supreme Court ruling accusing the court of partisanship. I read every page of the decision; it didn't say, as Kuehl implied, that counting the votes would cause irreparable harm but that counting the votes incorrectly could cause irreparable harm. Would Kuehl be upset if the situation had been reversed and it was Gore who won because of the decision?

Dan Riggsby, via the Internet

Hustler newsmagazine

Thanks to your most recent issue, I have come to believe that I could get a more accurate portrayal of homosexuality in Hustler than I can from you. The feature article on the twin Playboy models with a lesbian mom is beyond belief ["Twin Peeks," February 13]. This article is a heterosexual man's fantasy wrapped up in a guise of queer-friendliness. Rather than provide any sort of real culture for the queer community, you commodify our sexuality into one big corporate media sale. You make me wish I was straight so I didn't have to identify with this shit.

Heather Mitchell, via the Internet

The Barbi twins are overly plasticated male pornographic fantasies who've sacrificed all their integrity to shake their tits and make money, all the while disgracing their mother for the sake of profit. The Advocate grasps at straws to find the queer content in popular media and ends up jumping on any mention of the word gay. You do nothing for the queer community but embarrass us hideously by letting the dominant culture perceive your publication as reality.

Alix Kerl, via the Internet

For the record

On page 12 of our January 16 issue, the quote from Advocate reader Larry Cohen was inadvertently illustrated with a photo of Bill Smith. Our apologies to both gentlemen.

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