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Byline: with Jane Clare

I DON'T know about you, but I can't believe that Halloween is here and then, in a few days, the skies will be bright with spangles for Bonfire Night.

Here are some warming cocktails that should reach to your toes and tingle your fingertips, whether you've spent a night walking with your little monsters, or you're outside jiggling sparklers.

HOT CROSS DISARONNO PERHAPS we should rename it Halloween Disaronno. I mixed all these ingredients in a glass.

If you're serving for friends, add a cinnamon stick as garnish - they can use it to stir and twizzle too. Ingredients: 60ml boiling water; 40ml Disaronno; three cloves; 1cm piece of ginger, peeled and sliced; one strip of lemon peel; 60ml whisky; 2tsp honey; 1-2 tsp lemon juice; grating of nutmeg.

Disaranno is an almond-flavoured Italian liqueur (RRP PS14) and this is definitely a toe warmer and right the way to your fingertips too.

LAT-TIA I'M A pushover for Tia Maria real toe-(RRP PS15) which is a blend of coffee beans, Jamaican rum, vanilla, and sugar. My friends love it too, though we usually stick with Coca-Cola.

Warm 125ml of milk, with 50ml Tia Maria and a 50ml double espresso coffee mix.

If you've got a cappuccino foamer then whizzle to give a bubbly flourish.


This is a vigorous shake of 25mls Portobello Road Gin; 25mls Cointreau; and 25mls freshly squeezed lemon juice.

If you have absinthe (I do) then fill your glass of choice with cold water, ice, and a dash of absinthe (I did) and leave to chill. Strain your shaken ingredients into the glass (I used a good old- fashioned tea strainer). A reviver is an understatement! The recipe also called for 25mls Lillet Blanc - I didn't have any, though it is widely available to buy online.

OPIHR CHAI BREW THIS is another gin cocktail to warm up your outdoor toesies, but with added spice from the Ophir gin.

Take 40ml Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin (RRP PS23, including Tesco and Morrison) and add 20ml port, 10ml sugar syrup, 160ml Chai Tea (no milk!) and serve with a cinnamon stick and orange peel.

VAMPS' KISS THE team at Premier Estates (premierestates sent me this cocktail idea which uses their Italian Prosecco Extra Dry (RRP PS7.99). The prosecco won a bronze medal at the International Wine Challenge and I really like it, it has a touch of creaminess as well as a good burst of zest. Great bubbles too.

For the spooky kiss, pour 20ml of freshly squeezed blood orange juice (a little extra for moistening the glass rim) add 1tsp grenadine and top up with prosecco.

Dip the rim of your glass into black sugar. To make enough spooky black sugar for six drinks, mix 2tbsp sugar and 10 drops of black food colouring.

Disaronno is a warmer IN MY GLASS If it's white wine you yearn for after a night tearing the middle out of a pumpkin, then a delicious white to look out for is Vinho Verde Casal de Ventozela (Majestic, mix six price PS6.66, single bottle price PS9.99 until February 1).

Majestic has changed its six-bottle minimum purchase policy this week.

You can now pop into store and buy single bottles too, although the wine merchant is keeping a six-bottle deal - the 'mix six'.

Back to the wine, this vinho verde has a shy, hesitant tremble of spritz, just like me taking my first tiptoe outside after heavy rain.

It has aromas of pears and melon, and to taste a silky creaminess with juicy overtones of pears and citrus. There's even a speckle of cardamom spice.

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Disaronno is a real toe-warmer
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Date:Oct 31, 2015
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