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raise [1].


Pronunciation: \'r[macron over a]z\




1 : to cause to rise : lift <Please raise your hand.>

2 : collect 1 <The school is trying to raise money.>

3 : to look after the growth and development of : grow <The farmer raised hogs.>

4 : to bring up a child : rear <He was raised by his grandmother.>

5 : to bring to notice <No one raised any objection.>

6 : [sup.1]increase <They're raising the rent.>

7 : to make louder <Don't raise your voice.>

8 : to give life to : arouse <The children made enough noise to raise the dead.>

9 : to set upright by lifting or building <A monument was raised.>

10 : promote 1, elevate <She was raised to captain.>

11 : to give rise to : provoke <The joke raised a laugh.>

12 : to make light and airy <Yeast can raise dough.>

13 : to cause to form on the skin <The burn raised a blister.>

synonyms see lift

rais*er noun

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