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MELVILLE, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 5, 1999--

Another Free Internet Service Challenges Traditional Telecom


Jeff Pulver, president/CEO of announced the public beta of a new 1010 dial around service that functions like a modern telephone party line. InternetPartyLine ("IPL") works like any other conferencing service merging multiple telephone calls into one. IPL expands the model by adding web-based monitoring of the call and allowing calls to originate from the Internet. An earlier demonstration project Free World Dialup now ranks as the longest running global installation of IP Telephony (

Marketing and pricing their services strictly for business customers, telephone companies generate over $1 billion in revenue from conference calls. "While everyone else takes time off for the July 4th festivities, Jeff Pulver worked to launch a service we did not even know existed. I really don't know why the telephone companies have not addressed a possible consumer market for these services," stated Daniel Berninger, CEO, TelecomComputers, Inc. People do not have telephones with conference calling capabilities at home. Someone wishing to hold a conference call to discuss, for example, plans for the July 4th weekend, would pay the industry's dominant provider -AT&T- (NYSE:T ) almost $400 per hour for an eight person conference call -not including the long distance charges. InternetPartyLine offers a conference call service for free via low-cost IP-based technology and a business model driven by customer acquisition rather than fee for service.

"We think consumers will be very creative in how they use this service. Once they realize that this is available and no more expensive than a regular telephone call, people will begin to wonder how they got along without it, as with other well known services, such as; e-mail, fax, cellular phones, and the web", noted Jeff Pulver.

Beyond arranging weekend plans and carpool schedules, the need for conference calls arises for distance education, information services, and, more and more, the emerging world of e-commerce. Through InternetPartyLine, a web site can offer a direct link to voice support. A customer merely clicks on an icon at the web site and is connected to a customer support person, through the computer. Over half of the computers in use today have the multimedia features required to carry live telephone conversations. InternetPartyLine will give a voice to people who use the Internet to participate in auctions. Nothing can replace a voice conversation for obtaining information about something you want to purchase. A conference call seems like the next natural step after text chat on the Internet-which has become a dominant application along with e-mail and browsing the web. People can meet in a chat room and take the relationship to the next level with InternetPartyLine, while maintaining a strong degree of anonymity and security.

To set up a conference call, one person registers at That person will receive a personal IPL number and the access numbers that he or she can then distribute to other callers. Callers can dial the access number at any time; there is no need to preregister the time or number of participants with the service. Amongst themselves, callers just agree upon a time for the conference call and dial the access number at that appointed time. Personal IPL numbers remain active for 12 months. In addition to taking advantage of free conference calling, customers will have the ability to monitor their conferences via a web interface showing current participants and the active speaker.

TelecomComputers built the basic IPL infrastructure using off-the-shelf components from VocalTec Communications (NASDAQ:VOCL), Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), and Dialogic (NASDAQ:DLGC). "Using standard computer networking hardware and software means only few weeks elapsed between the concept and the service. Given the ease with which anyone can offer new telecommunication services using PC's and the Internet, we can expect a lot of small companies to pursue customers previously served only by the traditional telecommunications giants", said Daniel Berninger. "InternetPartyLine does not compete with existing business focused services, because it operates in half-duplex mode allowing only one person to talk at a time. It seemed reasonable to test the possibility consumers have an interest in this type of communication. IPL creates a new category, so we really don't know how people will react," noted Jeff Pulver.

Starting today, the system will remain available 24/7 at no charge above the price of a regular telephone call. IPL can support conferences of up to 100 simultaneous callers. Users can obtain the access numbers and personal InternetPartyLine numbers at

Background on

Jeff Pulver founded at the end of 1994. In addition to producing the highly successful Voice on the Net conferences, is engaged in many activities that promote growth in communication technology utilizing using Internet Protocol:

-- The website ( is a key source of

information for those in the IP Telephony industry, as well as

those who want to learn more, with product guides, company

listings, Jeff's commentary, archives of mailings and job


-- Jeff Pulver's Pulver Report is a widely-read source of

information on the latest developments in streaming media, with a

focus on IP Telephony.

-- also runs Min-X-"The Minutes Exchange", which was

designed to help accelerate the growth of the IP Telephony

Minutes marketplace by providing a forum for buyers and sellers

to come together and do business, filling companies' needs with

the otherwise unused minutes of others. The Min-X exchange has

two trading desks: IP Telephony Minutes and Switched PSTN


-- The Directories on the Net Report by Carl Ford, Community

Developer, covers the emerging technologies for location

individuals on the Internet, from Lightweight Directory Access

Protocol (LDAP) to programs like ICQ. The first DON conference

will take place in November at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

-- The Open Test Network is a place where vendors and

service providers can utilize VoIP equipment freely. The Open

Test Network is unrestricted and thus enables companies to test

outside of the security concerns of their internal networks. The

site can be used for demonstration and troubleshooting of

interoperability as standards emerge.
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