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pub quiz.

pot luck 1. Which meat is used to make Weiner Schnitzel? 2. Which artist painted The Blue Boy? 3. What is the symbol of the World Wildlife Fund? 4. To which section of the orchestra does the tuba belong? 5. What is measured on the Beaufort Scale? 6. Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean were given the Freedom of which English city? 7. Which motorway runs from Cambridge to London? 8. Who founded The Body Shop? 9. From which country does the wine Retsina come? 10. In which year did the Russian Revolution begin? sporting initials What do these abbreviations mean in the world of sport? 1. FIFA 2. BOA 3. PGA 4. NASCAR 5. WBC plants 1. In a biennial plant, how often does it usually flower? 2. The Americans call it eggplant, what do we call it? 3. Which family of plants gives us flowers but also apples, pears, cherries and apricots? 4. What is the world's most widely cultivated plant, grown on every continent except Antarctica? 5. Which V is a large shrub producing colour all year round? 6. What is the common name for the antirrhinum? 7. What word describes a plant which can withstand the cold and frost? 8. Which plant is famous for having a clock? 9. The loganberry is a cross between the raspberry and which other fruit? 10. What is the common name for Impatiens? answers to last week POT LUCK: 1. Inca; 2. Claudia Winkleman; 3. Autostrada; 4. 18 (five on the front paws, four on the rear); 5. Belgium; 6. Crosswords; 7. Sinbad; 8. Peanuts; 9. Another Brick In The Wall; 10. Bovril.

CONNECTIONS: 1. Whistle DOWN The Wind; 2. KERRY Katona; 3. TYRONE Dobbs; 4. A CORK; 5. Counties in Ireland. BIRD NAMES: 1. Clarice Starling; 2. Falcon; 3. Sheryl Crow; 4. Simon Sparrow; 5. Walter Pidgeon; 6. Robin Williams; 7. Ducky Mallard; 8. Hudson Hawk; 9. THRUSH; 10. Sir Christopher Wren.
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Date:Apr 25, 2010
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