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pub quiz.


1. What name is shared by the home grounds of Sunderland and Benfica?

2. Gary Kemp and Jude Law both married which actress?

3. Which country is home to the Giant's Causeway?

4. Which comedian was associated with the catchphrase: "May your God go with you"?

5. Who captained the European team to Ryder Cup glory in 2006?

6. What is heterochromia, a condition suffered by David Bowie?

7. Which Tom Jones hit ends with the lyric "I just couldn't take any more"?

8. Which Prime Minister delivered the famous quote "You've never had it so good"?

9. What is the official national tree of England?

10. What is the name of the USA's largest bus and coach company?


WHICH PAUL . . . . . . . . . . . .

1. Won an Oscar for The Color of Money

2. Broke down in tears during the

3. Divorced Carrie Fisher in 1984

4. Recently reached the semi-finals of Hell's Kitchen?

5. Penned the novel The Jewel in the Crown

6. Was arrested in Japan in 1980 for possession of marijuana

7. Claimed that Princess Diana called him her "rock"

8. Recorded the album Stanley Road

9. Famous for designing stripy shirts, opened his first shop in Nottingham

10. A mentor to Picasso, is described as "the father of modern art"?


1. Heather Small provided lead vocals for which Manchester chart act?

2. Which of the seven dwarves wore glasses?

3. What is the state capital of Arkansas?

4. Which 1986 film told the story of a robot called Number 5?

5. Who played Anthony in the TV sitcom The Royle Family?
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