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pounds 4m sett-to over badgers.

Water board bosses were badger-ed into moving a pounds 4 million pipeline...

After animal-loving locals told them three families of the furry animals were living on the planned route.

The badgers had happily established three setts along the edge of a golf course.

But their idyllic homes were just weeks away from being cut up rough by diggers and bulldozers.

Quick-thinking local people alerted West of Scotland Water Authority chiefs who were faced with a black-and-white decision.

They called in a wildlife expert who traced the badgers - a species protected by law in this country - in the Bishopbriggs area, north of Glasgow.

Now planners for the pounds 4 million sewage relief system have been forced to go back to the drawing board.

And we can reveal they've moved the planned route 30 YARDS - just enough to ensure that the shy animals aren't disturbed.

A Water Authority spokesman said: "It was pointed out to engineers that the badgers were in the area of the planned sewer.

"A wildlife expert was recruited and he found three families there. The planners have gone back to the drawing board and moved the planned sewer.

"Since the badger is a protected species, we were, of course, obliged by law to move it. And we were happy to do so."
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Author:Lavery, Charles
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 4, 1998
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