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pounds 3,000 present from ECHO tree.


THE Sunrise Fund's Light Up Our Christmas Tree appeal raised almost pounds 3,000.

This year hundreds of readers decided to celebrate Christmas by lighting up our tree for a loved one.

New parents dedicated a light to their baby while others remembered loved ones who have passed away or live abroad.

The tree, generously donated by Royal and Sun Alliance, is on display in the atrium of the Liverpool ECHO building in Old Hall Street until the New Year.

Today we publish the dedications, which raised pounds 2,885.

Sunrise Fund organiser Penny Growcoot said: "This is a fantastic amount of money to raise, so a big thank you to everyone who took part."

The cash raised will go to the ECHO'S Sunrise Fund, which helps good causes across Merseyside.

Some of the organisations to benefit this year include Knowsley Carers Centre, The Liverpool Voluntary Society for the Blind, Merseyside counselling service Compass and Tuebrook-based North End Writers.

The dedications are:

Betty Adams, All Our Loved Ones, Doreen Allt, Thomas James Ashe, The Andrews, Sharon Atherton, Richie Bailey, Marion Barrett, Joe Barton, Dad Joseph Barton, Joseph Barton, Mabel Batty, Andrew Bennett, Jimmy Beswick, Barry Billington, Robina Birchall, Alan George Bowen, Joseph Barton, Walter James Boyd, Billy Bradshaw, Elizabeth Brimage, Joseph Barton, Margaret and Joseph Bragger, Tim Brennan, Michael Bromsgrove, Eileen Brown, Marie Bruder.

Alice Buckley, Dot and Tucker Burnell, Eleanor Butler, James Byrne (Albie), Penny Willow Byrne, Brendan Cain, Edna Caradine, Nadine Carter, Brendan Cain, Susan Canavan, Nicole Carter-Collins, Our Dad Joseph Carvell, Alex and Daniel Cassidy, Mr Eddie Catney, Emma Cawsey, Alfred William Chadwick, James Benedict Cheetham, Paje Chorley-McElhinney, Andrew Clark, Joan Croston, Grandad Harry Cuddy, Robert and Shaun Cuerdon.

Alan James Clark, Thomas Clark (Tommy), Alan Connell, Cliff Cook, Anthony Corrigan, Susan Marie Corrigan, Stephen Corrigan, Kathleen Coughlin, Elizabeth Coward, Dean Crompton, Charles Cropper, Eileen Cropper, Lily Crosthwaite, Syd Crosthwaite, Bernard Crown, Teresa Cullen, Rose Daly, Terence Daly, Ella Davidson, Thomas Davidson, Frank Davies - USA, Mrs Margaret Davies, Our mum Margaret Davies. Our nan Margaret Davies, Bob Devlin, Arthur Dixon, Freda Dixon, Nan and Grandad Dobson, Julie and Gerard Dolan, Joyce Duckworth, Nancy Duff, Rhys James Edwards'first Christmas, Nathan Darnell Escoffery, Wilf Evans, Calum Ronnie Eyres's first Christmas, Margaret Finneran, Jo Fisher-Jones, Patricia Foulder, Baby Foy, Christine Galanakis, Mum Ellen (Nell) Gallagher, Robert Gallimore, Frank Gamble, Jimmy Gill, Mary and Billy Gill, The Gill Families, Cecilia Ginley, Clare Gleave, Bob and Dot Glen.

Elizabeth Grealey, William P Grealey, Grandma Lilian Green, Thomas Griffiths, Jean Growcoot, Billy Guilfoyle, Eileen Hallows, Aidan Hankin, June Rose Harrison, Charles Edward Harvey, Aidan Hankin, Elaine Haskayne, Mary Patricia Haskayne (Molly), Eric Hassan, David Hay, Mary Hayes, John Patrick Healey, Betty Hepke, John Hignett, Linda Zena Hinchliffe, Albert and Elizabeth Hodkinson, Pat Holden, Ron Holt, John Stanley Hughes, Margeret and Henry Irvine.

Our son Barry John Jackson (BJ), Jimmy Johnson, Stanley Jones, William Harry Jones, Edward Joyce, Mary Kayes, Dominic Keating, Gerard Kelly, Chris Kenny, Jack Kenwright, Sheila Kirkham, Joseph Knox, John Joseph Lee, Julie Long, Veronica Long, Harry Lowrie, Paul McComb.

Annie and Bobby McDonald, Leonard McDonald, June McGuffie, Robert McGuffie, William McGuffie, Kelly Marie McHale, John McHale, Duncan Mclnnes, Michael McLaughlin, Nan and Grandad McLean, Ian Anthony McLean Jnr, Luke McLinden's first Christmas.

Patricia Ann McMullan, Mick McNulty, Ada Maclure, Christopher Maclure, Baby Margaret, Robert Massam, Charlie Maxwell, Paul Henry Mayne, Jackie Metcalfe, Sidney Mills, Brian Mooney, Tony Moore, Fluffy Morgan, Norman Erfyl Morgan, Lily and George Mosey, Our nan Jane Mudd, Paula Mulchay nee Hogg, Charles Murphy, Hugh Myers, Natasha - great grandaughter, Margaret Nelson, Edward Nichols, Mrs Marjorie Norman.

Jack Nugent's first Christmas, Joan O'Mara, Mia O'Neill's first Christmas, Lily Ormesher, Charles Palmer Perkins, Charles Parker, Catherine Parry, Norman Peterson, George Pinnington, Denis Poland, Charles Quarless, Colin James Ouinn, Paul Quinn, Raymond and Elaine Quinn, Michael Regan, Mrs Lily Reid, Mr Mattie Reid, Joanne Renshaw, John and Denise Riley, Veronica and Patrick Riley, The Riley Families, Barry Roberts, Edward Roberts, Mary Roberts, Edward Vincent Roberts, John Peter Roberts, Sylvia Roberts, Elsie and George Rogers, Roy Savage, Brimah Sillah, Kenneth Slack.

Joan and Johnny Swords, Leslie Thomas Travis, Albie Robinson, Geraldine Robinson, Leigh Paul Robinson, David Thomas Rudd, Fred Ryan, Margaret Eileen Scott, Kevin Scully, Maureen Sefton, Bill Seagrave, Maureen Sefton, James Smith, William Arthur Steele, Kenneth Steen, Maureen Sefton, Vincent Smith, Jack Stone, John Wayne Stone, Terence Stringfellow, Lewis Talbot, Lynette Taylor, Ron Taylor, Margaret Taylor, Agnes Wall.

Lucy Walters, Ciggy Ward, Lillian Ward, Terry Wenton, Les Wiffen, Libby Williams's first Christmas, Mum, Hetty Willis, Paul Wilson, Jesse Winstanley, Alice and Jim Witter, Joyce Wood, Leslie Woodhead, Eric Woods, Emma Louise Worsley, Lily and John Worthington, John Wright, Samuel Yearsley, Baby Luke Darrell Young.


SHINE ON: Twin brothers Patrick and Edward McCarthy, aged 21 months, in front of the beautiful Christmas tree in the ECHO atrium in Old Hall Street Pictures: EDDIE BARFORD/eb141207atwins
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 24, 2007
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