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pasta alternative tried & tested.

ABI JACKSON chows down a low-cal alternative to pasta WHAT A IS IT? MADE from th'konjac plant - which is high in fibre but low in practically everything else - the Slendier 'pasta' range, which includes Fettuccine, angel hair and spaghetti, iSAVEry low-calorie pasta alternative.

Slendier is Australia's leading 'konjac pasta' brand and launched in the UK last year.

A 250g pack makes two servings, which come in at 10 cals each, compared to around 300 calories for an equivalent-sized serving of regular pasta. It contains twice as much fibre as regular pasta (though whole-wheat pasta has slightly more) and is gluten free.

WHAT'S A IT LIKE? before reading the small print, I expected this product to be utterly void of nutrition, but the fiBrecontent is quite impressive.

I also expected it to be completely tasteless, but it's actually very similar to the fine white noodles you'll often find in healthy Asian dishes; it's not exactly flavoursome but you get the satisfying texture of a meatier meal.

Providing you're adding some tasty sauce, or putting it in an exciting soup, it's quite enjoyable. It's also very quick and easy to prepare - you simply add boiling water to soak.

I'm not somebody who thinks carbs are the enemy, but for people following a low-cal diet who are missing the chunky chew of pasta, Slendier is worth a try.

INFORMATION: Slendier Organic konjac Fettuccine and Angel Hair, PS2.25 per 250g pack, Ocado.


Slendier Organic konjac Angel Hair

Slendier Organic konjac Fettuccine
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Date:May 7, 2014
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