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Gwatkin's Old Rats Tale 7.5% ABV/330ml bottle, available online and at shows such Abergavenny Food Festival and at Cardiff Country Fair in Cardiff Castle next month Denis Gwatkin of Abbeydore in Herefordshire is a familiar sight at shows around the country and has previously won International Cidermaker of the Year Award.

He has now been making cider for 21 years. The name of Old Rats Tale is taken from the old rumour that farmhouse cider used to contain rats, it was thought best to laugh off a rumour rather than have people make comments about it.

Old Rats Tale is orange-brown in colour and pours with an effervescent head which soon dissipates. The aroma is of heavy tannins such as wet leather and some whiskey spirit as the cider has been matured in old whiskey casks. This cider has been produced from a single apple variety, Ashton Bitter.

The taste is extremely dry and is no doubt one of the driest ciders commercially available.

Mouth-puckering dryness with tannic flavours followed by a long-lasting astringent aftertaste, this cider is not for everyone but it is a rare example of a real dry cider with no added sweetness.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 30, 2013
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