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otr..Off the record: YOUR TIME IS UP, JACKO; Britney wants albums top slot.


BRITNEY SPEARS hopes to dump Michael Jackson from the top of the album charts this week.

She'll go up against Jacko's Invincible today when she releases her self-titled third album, Britney.

To celebrate her new release, here is Britney's exclusive track-by-track rundown of her new album for OTR:

1 - I'm A Slave For You

It's talking about me just wanting to go out and forget who I am and dance and have a good time. That's kinda where I am now right now. I love working, but at the same time, I love having a good time.

2 - Overprotected

This is a song I can relate to on a personal basis, because I feel kind of overprotected. When I want to go out, everything has to be organised in advance. I think that other kids of my age can relate to it to a certain extent.

3 - Lonely

This is an attitude song. I mean, we played around with that a lot in the studio. At the very last minute, we put a rap on it. It's just real funky, different and I've never done a rock song like this before, so it's one of my favourites. It's a different Britney, I think.

4 - I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

Max Martin wrote this and it's a personal song about that transitional stage in life. A woman has all the wisdom that she needs and I'm right in between right now. I'm almost a woman. It's a beautiful song.

5 - Boys

This is my favourite from the album. It's really cool. It's got that kinda Prince feel to it, it's very hard in your face and it's very sexual, talking about you guys out there, haha.

6 - Anticipating

It's just a fun song that I wrote. It's just like being with your girlfriends and just dancing. I think this track also has a very Seventies' feel to it.

7 - I Love Rock 'n' Roll

They asked me to sing karaoke in the movie Crossroads and I've actually sung I Love Rock 'n' Roll in a lot of clubs that I've been to.

8 - Cinderella

I co-wrote this with Max Martin. It's the first song I ever wrote with him and it's cool. He's a brilliant man and he's the king of writing pop songs.

9 - Let Me Be

Let Me Be is talking about being in a relationship and the guy is overbearing and you want to be your own person.

10 - Boombastic Love

This is not R&B, it's just pure pop and there's definitely a catchy hook in it. It's very cute.

11 - That's Where You Take Me

I wrote about my boyfriend. It's very dreamy and melodic. The beginning is very slow and then it comes up and there's a two-step for the chorus, which changes the bass. It's sweet.

12 - What It's Like To Be With Me

It's talking about being in a relationship where the guy thinks he knows the girl inside and out and he tries to take advantage of her.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 5, 2001
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