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1745: The first recorded women's cricket match took place at Gosden Common near Guildford, with neighbouring village Hambledon against Bramley.

1788: New York became the 11th of the United States.

1856: George Bernard Shaw, playwright, was born in Dublin. A failed novelist, he was 36 when his first play, Widowers' Houses, was performed.

1875: Carl Gustav Jung, Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist, was born. He was the founder of analytical psychology and first proposed the idea of extrovert and introvert character types.

1895: Robert Graves, English poet, novelist and critic, was born. He wrote I Claudius in 1934 and more than 100 other books.

1908: The Federal Bureau of Investigation was established in Washington, DC.

1945: Clement Attlee's Labour post-war government came to power with a huge majority. He said: "Labour can deliver the goods."

1952: King Farouk of Egypt abdicated after a coup led by General Neguib. On the same date in 1956, President Nasser nationalised the Suez Canal just a month after taking power.

1952: Eva Peron (Evita), Argentina's First Lady, died of cancer, aged 33.

1958: Debutantes were presented at the Royal Court in Britain for the last time.

ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR: Dozens of cars were damaged after a flash flood struck an Athens suburb following torrential rain.

BIRTHDAYS: Barbara Jefford, actress, 89; John Howard, former prime minister of Australia, 80; Sir Mick Jagger, Rolling Stone, 76; Dame Helen Mirren, actress, 74; Roger Taylor, rock musician (Queen), 70; Susan George, actress, 69; Kevin Spacey, actor, 60; Sandra Bullock, actress, 55; Kate Beckinsale, actress, 46.


Prime Minister Clement Attlee

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