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GOOD news: Hollywood could be about to make a Boo-Boo.

We says this is good news, because Boo-Boo is, of course, the sidekick of the great Yogi Bear. And the pair are about to go the way of Garfield, Scooby-Doo and The Flintstones and star on the big screen.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Yogi Bear: TheMovie (our title, not theirs) will be half live-action, half CGI and will be screened in 3D It's provisionally planned for 2011... as long as the studio can still afford a pic-i-nic basket, that is.

We hope this trend - which follows the success of Alvin And The Chipmunks - continues. We like seeing our cartoon favourites up on the big screen.

Next up, please, Wacky Races. The casting possibilities are obvious. Russell Brand would make a fine Dick Dastardly. Jessica Simpson would be admirable as Penelope Pitstop. And wasn't Tom Cruise born to be one of the Anthill Mob?

IT was reported yesterday that Amy Winehouse is considering trying to patch things up with hubby Blake Fielder-Civil. We're not sure howmuch truth there is in this but, if she's serious about making her marriage work, we would offer (with apologies to Joan Burnie) one piece of advice: try to banish any jealous thoughts. It does you no good in the long run.

By way of example, we thought we'd pass on the tale we heard this week of the bloke who drove his secretary home after she'd had just a little too much to drink at an office reception. Nothing untoward happened, but ourman decided not to mention it to his wife, for she was an insanely jealous and suspicious woman.

Later that night, this fine, upstanding example of chivalry was driving with his wife to a function when, to his horror, he spotted a high-heeled shoe under the passenger seat. While his wife was looking the other way, he picked up the shoe and quickly tossed it out of the driver's window.

Then just as they pulled up at their destination, his wife said: "Damn. Darling, can you see my other shoe?"

SO Nottingham University psychologist Dr Nicola Pitchford says that children's favourite toys can show what their job will be in the future.

This means that next-door's four-year-old is destined to be the next Banksy. Minus the talent, alas.

WE were interested to read in yesterday's Record that scientists believe that a pregnant fossil fish discovered in Australiamay have been one of the first animals to have proper sex, 365million years ago. It has just been given its official Latin classification - Joanuscollinsus ANDFINALLY...

IT was reported yesterday that Nadya Suleman, the mum of octuplets +6, has been offered a million dollars to star in a porn movie. She's turned it down, though.

She gets more than that in child support. CATCH UP ON OFF THE RECORD ONLINE


ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE: We have the first picture of Fred Goodwin's cat.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 27, 2009
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