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now available.

AICPA Technical Practice Aids (Including Statements of Position) (No. 005130CPA09) contains all outstanding statements of position and practice bulletins issued through June 1, 2000, including SOP 00-1, Auditing Health Care Third-Party Revenues and Related Receivables. Price: $80 member; $100 non-member.

Special Savings--save $42. AICPA Professional Standards and FASB Accounting Standards--Current Text (No. 005150CPA09). Price: $169 member (available only to AICPA members).

Save $118 on all five Professional Literature titles (No. 005160CPA09): Professional Standards, Technical Practice Aids, Audit and Accounting Manual, FASB--Current Text, FASB--Original Pronouncements. Price: $355 member (a $473 value); not available to non-members.

Double Digit Growth: Tools from Top Firms (No. 090465CPA09). Find out how 12 CPA firms have had double-digit growth every year for the past several years. Learn what programs or processes they used, and what strategies and tools were implemented. See how a strategic plan and focus can lead your firm to peak performance--and take away a thorough understanding of each firm's "secret formula" for success. This unique publication gives you practical advice and brainstorming ideas, access to your peers' experiences and knowledge, and marketing and management tools and program ideas. Price: $36 member; $45 non-member.

Depreciation Solution (No. 016157hsCPA09) allows you to maintain asset data and generate reports to assist clients with asset management and tax compliance. Asset data is shared with Creative Solutions' Write-Up Solution and UltraTax products so, at year-end, the data is automatically available to speed up year-end processing and tax return preparation. The intuitive point-and-click navigation found in the powerful 32-bit Depreciation Solution helps you get through the system quickly and efficiently while minimizing the learning curve for you and your staff.

Depreciation methods within the software include MACRS, ACRS, Straight-Line, 200/150/125% Declining Balance, Sum-of-the-Years Digits, Units of Production, Amortization, and up to 99 user defined methods. Depreciation Solution also includes 6 depreciation treatments. (There will be a total of 10 depreciation treatments in the Fall 2000 release of Depreciation Solution.) With its versatile report writing capabilities, you will be able to meet any asset reporting need with ease. Depreciation Solution also comes with a variety of built-in reports that you can use as they are, or customize to suit your needs.

For additional product/technical information, call the software support team at 800/968-0600 (listen for Depreciation Solution at menu options). Price: $1,100 member; $1,210 non-member (includes 60 days free maintenance and support).
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Title Annotation:Training materials
Publication:CPA Letter
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Date:Sep 1, 2000
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