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Adweek Partners With BrandVerge to Share Branded Content Programs and Sponsorship Opportunities

"BrandVerge, the platform that optimizes premium content discovery," via a press release, "announced a partnership with Adweek," a source of news and insight essential to the advertising and marketing industries. "BrandVerge's platform provides Adweek and its advertisers with a premier destination to discover, sell, and create premium media programs. ...

"Adweek selected the BrandVerge platform because it removes the hurdles of the traditional media RFP-process, radically simplifying day-to-day tasks for advertisers, and eliminates the need for manual requests for proposals. BrandVerge transforms the premium content discovery experience by arming advertisers with on-demand access, expediting proposal-to-campaign time by three weeks, a reported 60% faster than previous efforts," according to customers.

Adthena Launches Search Intelligence Index to Help Drive Strategic Decision Making for CMOs

Via a press release, Adthena, a provider of AI-powered search intelligence, "announced the availability of its Search Intelligence Index--[what it says] is the industry's first global measure of search engine marketing (SEM) success for chief marketing officers (CMOs). Built around Adthena's patented Whole Market View technology, which delivers the most comprehensive view of a company's entire search landscape, the index reveals how leading brands and up-and-coming challengers are performing in SEM, giving CMOs and other marketing leaders a benchmark for their own success. The index will be released on a quarterly basis to evaluate performance, market opportunities, and challenges across various industries.

"Paid search advertising is responsible for almost half of internet advertising revenues globally. However, many CMOs are failing to leverage the full power of their paid search programs by viewing search solely as a tactical element of their digital marketing programs, rather than considering the strategic value it can deliver. To gain a better understanding of perceptions towards this marketing function, Adthena recently conducted its 2019 CMO Survey. The survey revealed that 92% of marketing leaders believe paid search can help them make more informed business decisions, yet 41% have never tracked how competitors in their relevant search landscape are performing. By analyzing a company's Search Excellence, Market Leadership, and Brand Ownership, Adthena's Search Intelligence Index enables CMOs to measure the success of their SEM in the context of their competition, industry, and past performance. ..."

Survey Finds an Ecosystem of Consumers Who Use Ad Blockers but Allow Certain Ads eyeo (maker of Adblock Plus, Flattr, and Trusted News) released the results of "US Ad Blocking Usage Report," a survey conducted by YouGov. It found "a forgotten ecosystem of ad block users exists who actually view specific ads they feel are acceptable. This large segment of consumers (officially described as those that filter ads vs. blocking all ads), previously considered by publishers to be lost to ad blockers, can be reached after all, according to survey findings. ...

"The survey of over 2,500 U.S. consumers was sponsored by eyeo to provide an unbiased analysis of consumer attitudes toward online advertisements and feelings of responsibility around watching ads that help fund publishers and websites because they are in turn able to view free content. ...

"The survey demonstrates that this new ad filtering ecosystem segment is attainable so long as advertisers and publishers address them with user-consented ads. In addition, the survey found that circumvention and other techniques used to trick this audience do not work."

BlueToad Selected as Launch Partner for Amazon Polly

Per a press release, BlueToad, a content delivery platform, is a launch partner for Amazon's "new voice technology offered through the company's Amazon Polly service--one in the style of a traditional newscaster.

"This new voice is enabled by Amazon Polly Neural Text-to-Speech (NTTS) technology. NTTS is an enhanced, more realistic voice experience that learns to speak by listening to recorded human speech and copying it, similar to how a human child learns to speak. As a result, it can understand the differences in speaking styles and generate speech in an expressive and lifelike way.

"BlueToad had the opportunity to be an early tester of the service and to ultimately offer Polly's NTTS Newscaster voice to publishers. ... [W]ith Polly's NTTS Newscaster voice, BlueToad's text-to-speech article feature is poised to offer publishers a simple but powerful way to freshly engage their audience through realistic listening experiences. ...

"In 2017, BlueToad introduced the ability for publishers to offer audio versions of the articles found in their digital magazines. With the growth of audio as a platform to consume content, the company began utilizing Amazon Polly as an easy audio solution for publishers. Now updated with Polly's NTTS Newscaster voice, publishers have even more ways to connect readers with their content."

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Date:Sep 22, 2019
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