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Smartling Announces Expanded Automation Capabilities

Per a press release, Smartling (a software and translation services company) announced "a new platform experience at Global Ready Conference 2019, the company's annual user conference in San Francisco, with new features: Dynamic Workflows, Smartling Draft and a feature that automatically selects the best machine translation option from leading engines based on the source and target languages. Laying the foundation for Dynamic Workflows and Draft, Smartling's redesigned platform experience optimizes the user experience with intuitive navigation, resulting in fewer clicks and more efficient workflows.

"Dynamic Workflows, a new automation feature, expedites the translation process. After configuring workflows in the Smartling platform, automated decision-making rules simplify the way users manage projects, managing workflow routing by exception based on fuzzy match score, word count, string key, and length of time in the internal review step, among other variables. Now, users can keep projects moving forward in the platform without manually approving jobs or manually moving strings. Dynamic Workflows saves users time, money and repeat decision making by driving content translations forward with fewer clicks.

"Smartling Draft, a Natural Language Generation tool, was built on the premise that translation quality is best managed when source content is written with consistent tone and language. The software helps writers repurpose words and phrases previously used when crafting original content to stay on brand and on message, increasing the speed of content production and ultimately, translation. Draft is the first product on the market that leverages a "translation memory" for source content, automatically customized to specific organizations, and enabling content writers to multiply their content creation efforts, simplify the authoring process, while keeping the entire global content experience in mind."

Progress Sitefinity Now Available in the Cloud

According to a press release, Progress Sitefinity, a WCM system, "is now cloud-native and the only true WCM Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) on the market. Redefining productivity, Sitefinity Cloud empowers organizational scale, eliminates the need for infrastructure management, and deeply integrates Microsoft Azure services allowing organizations to focus on their core business. Offered as a hosted, managed service, Sitefinity Cloud brings to bear:

* Operational Efficiency: minimizes the burden on enterprise IT organizations and increases rapid time to market in support of business goals

* Simplified Management: uniquely leverages Azure DevOps lifecycle management tooling for high-visibility into state-of-the-art CI/CD processes required for today's WCM environments

* Reduced Risk: autoscaling infrastructure backed by 99.9% service level availability and 24x7 support

* Proven Performance: provides best-in-class performance to visitors delivering up to 1200 pageviews per second, exceeding performance requirements needed to lead in today's digital economy"

eyeo Announces Investment in AI Startup Factmata

Per a press release, "eyeo GmbH, the company behind Adblock Plus, announced an investment and partnership with Factmata. As part of the investment, Factmata will take over further development of eyeo's Trusted News browser extension. It will alert users to hate speech, racism, sexism, bias, sensationalism, one-sidedness or deceptiveness in news articles, using Factmata's proprietary language-analysis algorithms. This investment furthers Factmata's commitment to a quality media ecosystem.

"The Trusted News extension was first released in beta in late 2018. The project was started by a small team of experts at eyeo who were driven to find a solution to the growing problem of fake news and hate speech online. When looking for a provider of filter data for such content, they found the ideal partner in Factmata.

"Trusted News uses a simple approach: leaning on website blacklists from independent fact-checking organizations to generate its "fake news" ratings. Content based on facts and backed by primary sources is rated as trustworthy. If content contains politically-biased views that are not backed by facts or contains heavy elements of humor or exaggeration, it is rated as biased or satire. Misleading or false headlines for the purpose of enticing readers to visit a website purely for traffic or revenue are labeled as clickbait. ...

"Factmata's strategy with Trusted News is to involve a community in

the process of critically thinking about online content, as well as to assist its users in the process of judging articles. To start with, this might include an integration of Factmata's API to detect if a page's content might be sexist, racist, threatening, or politically propagandist. Users should be able to agree or disagree with judgements, as well as add their own reasoned opinions to the system."
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