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BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE TEMPER TEMPER BFMV fans have been waiting almost three years for the release of a new album, and the Welsh rockers, led by Matthew Tuck, don't disappoint. With their usual thrashing, fast-paced guitars and drums galore, they have adopted a catchier and softer approach to the album in comparison to 2010's Fever. The debut track Temper Temper, which created excitement during Radio 1's Rock Week, has riffs not unlike an Avenged Sevenfold number. Riot and Livin' Life bring back the 'old' BFMV, while Tears Don't Fall (Part Two) serves as a sequel and tribute to their most loved track and is by far the best on the album. ?????PURE LOVE ANTHEMS THIS debut album starts with a mission statement: "I'm so sick of singing about hate," yells frontman Frank Carter. This is a big change for the singer, who had been the lead singer of hardcore punk band The Gallows only 18 months ago, until "creative differences" hit. Anthems is not some twee romantic album, instead it is uplifting rock with a hard edge. There are some really good exciting numbers such as Anthems, one of the album's highlights, which has Carter's usually firm voice becoming raspy with emotion, while Beach Of Diamonds is satisfying. While Pure Love should stay away from songs such as Riot Song, which is much too mellow. ????? FOALS HOLY FIRE PARTS of Foals' third album - Out Of The Woods and Milk & Black Spiders - sound like remixed versions of Men At Work's Land Down Under. There are two real highlights, the explosive Inhaler and Providence. The rest melts away into the background. Samey it may be, but it's far less irritating than their infuriatingly hip debut and it's great to hear a band evolving in an age when far too many acts fade into nothingness after one hit album or simply churn out replicas. While second album Total Life Forever felt like a complete work, sure of itself and focused, Holy Fire feels more tentative. At best a grower, at worst pretty forgettable.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 10, 2013
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