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CEE LO GREEN -THE LADY KILLER A RECENT scientific study showed that 99.9% of the population had accidentally found themselves humming the chorus of Cee Lo Green's recent number one hit Forget You in the last month.

Estimates suggest most followed up by blushing and chastising themselves for being lured in by the crass commerciality of the Motown chorus.

Thankfully, while that song's sense of fun remains throughout The Lady Killer, there is plenty of real quality to balance things out. Bodies takes Green's sweet voice into refreshingly sinister waters, while Please is an off-centre, bass-heavy offering reminiscent of Tricky. At times the processed Northern Soul horns grate, but mostly the approximation is affectionate rather than brazen. WEEZER - PINKERTON DELUXE EDITION AND DEATH TO FALSE METAL WITH three largely unremarkable releases in as many years, it's easy to forget the pure unbridled genius of Weezer's first two albums. In 2004, their debut Blue Album was re-released with a whole host of B-sides, live tracks and long-lost recordings, and now Pinkerton has deservedly been given the same treatment. This latest package opens up a whole treasure trove of goodies from the band's most turbulent years. And if that wasn't enough, Rivers and co have also made 10 further songs from the vault available, spanning from the late 1990s to the late 2000s, in the simultaneouslyreleased Death To False Metal. Christmas has indeed come early for pop rock fans the world over. A GENUINE FREAKSHOW - OFTENTIMES A GENUINE Freakshow's debut full-length, Oftentimes, seems to struggle with the notion of finding itself a pigeonhole. Instead, it hovers somewhere nearby, too experimental to join the pop flock but certainly no Icarus. Its melodies are enjoyable enough and some of the vocals happily complement the band's orchestral side, but too many times a promising start brings a yawn rather than a call for more. A Genuine Freakshow are not without potential, however. Their ideas are solid and their desire to be different is admirable. With a little more conviction in their direction this fledgling seven-piece could one day blossom.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 7, 2010
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