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ndia event calendar.

ndia event calendar

event                                description

JANUARY 27-29                        This annual seminar
Tactical Wheeled                     historically has brought the
Vehicles Conference                  military service, industry,
Event # 2530                         prime contractors,
Monterey, CA                         subcontractors, and their
Regular Fees:                        suppliers together to discuss
Member                       $545    present and future wheeled
Non-Member                   $600    vehicle requirements for
U.S. Government              $315    all services. It has
                                     afforded an atmosphere
                                     for open discussions
                                     between the customers and
                                     the suppliers based on the
                                     needs of the military users.

FEBRUARY 5-7                         The continued technological
Science and Engineering              superiority of the U.S. will
Technology/DOD Tech                  depend on rapidly exploiting
Expo Event #2720                     critical commercial technology
Charleston, SC                       for military purposes. This
Regular Fees:                        conference will cover ways
Member                       $525    the S&T and R&D communities
Non-Member                   $555    work together to rapidly
U.S. Government              $395    assimilate developments in
                                     technology into the military

FEBRUARY 6-8                         Useful to industry leaders
13th Annual Special                  who are developing
Operations/Low Intensity             strategies for their
Conflict Symposium &                 companies' national security
Exhibition Event #2880               business and allocating
Arlington, VA                        resources to pursue
Registration fees                    programs supporting the
to be determined.                    forces engaged in future
                                     Special Operations/Low
                                     Intensity Conflicts.

FEBRUARY 13-14                       The theme for this event
Munitions Executive                  is: "Munitions Challenges-
Summit/OSC APBI                      Today and Tomorrow."
Event #2650                          If your responsibilities
St. Louis, MD                        include or are influenced
Regular Fees:                        by the development, testing,
Member                       $575    production or use of
Non-Member                   $625    munitions, this annual
Government                   $350    conference is a must-
Allied Member                $575    attend! The dynamics
Non-Member Allied            $630    among conventional and
                                     precision munitions; the
                                     commercial and government
                                     base and the current
                                     and future needs require
                                     a forum to discuss not
                                     only where we in the
                                     munitions community are
                                     but where we must be
                                     and how to get there.

FEBRUARY 20                          The Technical Support
Technical Support Working            Working Group (TSWG)
Group                                conducts the National
(TSWG) Advanced Planning             R&D Program for combating
Briefing for Industry                Terrorism (CbT) through
Event #2090                          research, development
Marriott Crystal Forum,              and prototyping. The TSWG
Arlington, VA                        maximizes multi-agency
Regular Fees:                        participation to identify
Industry                     $50     requirements and develop
Government/Academia          $40     solutions for multiple
                                     users. Representatives
                                     of over 50 federal
                                     organizations promote
                                     rapid identification of
                                     CbT requirements, establish
                                     priorities and prevent
                                     unnecessary duplication.

FEBRUARY 25 - 28                     This conference will
Test & Evaluation in                 examine how the Test and
the Midst of Conflict:               Evaluation community
Confronting the New War              can best support our
Event #2910                          nation and allies in the
Savannah, GA                         current environment of
Registration Fees:                   terrorist activity.
Member                       $670    Tester of the Year Awards
Non-Member                   $735    will be presented to
Government                   $615    outstanding testers
Non-Member Allied            $740    throughout the DOD and
                                     military services.

FEBRUARY 26-27                       In light of the rapidly
5th Space & Architecture             evolving roles for DoD's
Symposium "The Changing              space operations, this
Face of Military Space"              event - presenting "The
From Capabilities to                 Changing Face of Military
Personnel to Future                  Space" - From Capabilities
Systems Event # 2340                 to Personnel to Future
Fairview Park Marriott,              Systems - will provide
Falls Church, VA                     up-to-the minute
Early registration                   assesments of the road
fees effective through               ahead for space
Dec 31, 2001                         operations.
Member                       $350
Non-Member                   $425
U.S. Government/Academia     $250

MARCH 4-8                            The Defense Systems
Defense Systems                      Acquisition Management
Acquisition Management               course meets the needs
Course Event #202B                   of defense industry
Nashville, TN                        acquisition managers
Regular Fees:                        in today's dynamic
Industry                     $1,490  environment, providing
                                     the latest information
                                     related to: defense
                                     acquisition policy for
                                     weapons and information
                                     technology systems
                                     including discussion
                                     of the new DoD 5000
                                     series; defense
                                     acquisition reform
                                     initiatives;, defense
                                     acquisition procedures
                                     and processes; the
                                     Planning, Programming
                                     and Budgeting System,
                                     and the Congressional
                                     budget process; and
                                     the relationship between
                                     requirements generation,
                                     resource allocation,
                                     science and technology
                                     activities and acquisition

MARCH 5-7                            The U.S. Army Soldier
DOD Chemical Biological              and Biological Chemical
Defense and Warrior Systems          Command (SBCCOM) will host
Advance Planning Briefing            a DOD Chemical Biological
for Industry (APBI)                  Defense and Warrior Systems
Event #2370                          Advance Planning Briefing
Hunt Valley, MD                      for Industry (APBI) on
Registration Fees:                   March 5-7, 2002 at the
Member                       $365    Hunt Valley Marriott - Hunt
Non-Member                   $395    Valley, MD. The APBI will
Government                   $260    include an Independent
                                     Research & Development
                                     (IR&D) Conference focusing
                                     on Chemical-Biological
                                     Science and Technology.

MARCH 11-14                          The top priority of the
18th Annual DoD Logistics            Under Secretary of Defense
Conference & Exhibition              (Acquisition, Technology
Event #2730                          and Logistics) is to achieve
Jacksonville, FL                     credibility and effectiveness
Registration Fees:                   in acquition and logistics
Member                       $650    support processes. This
Non-Member                   $705    conference will showcase
Government                   $525    DoD's evolution in thinking
Non-Member Allied            $710    to achieve excellence across
                                     the entire spectrum of
                                     logistics support, including
                                     acquisition logistics,
                                     maintenance, value chain
                                     management, and competitive

MARCH 12-14                          This conference will provide
Night Operations                     industry an opportuniry to
Symposium Event #2900                interface directly with
Pan American Conference              service leadership on the
Center                               subject of night operations.
New Orleans, LA                      Sessions will cover executive
Registration fees to                 presentation, future
be determined.                       applications and programs,
                                     sensors and components,
                                     sensors and processors, webs
                                     and networks.
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