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n.runs Introduces aps-AV - Protective Cover for Antivirus Software.

Growing Threat: Serious Attacks on E-Mail-/AV Systems Constantly Increasing

OBERURSEL, Germany -- The drastic rise in classic malware attacks via e-mail is featured again and again in the media. Antivirus solutions are meant to help with the problem. But, paradoxically, these solutions themselves represent a high security risk: weak points that have been discovered in all known virus scanners are smoothing the way for attackers trying to get into company networks and are making it possible to infiltrate these networks with malicious code. In order to arm AV engines against this and especially to offer sufficient protection to companies with high security requirements, n.runs AG, a consulting company and solution-developer, has brought the "Application Protection System - Anti-Virus (aps-AV)" onto the market. This system is now available.

The SANS-Institute has registered AV engines as a gateway into their Top 20 of security risks. The weak points allow denial of service (DoS) attacks, the insertion of harmful programs into the network and the running of exploit code. By exploiting the AV components, e-mail correspondence can be read, or the security solution be caused to crash, which can lead to a breakdown of the entire e-mail infrastructure. The protection of the software can even be completely circumvented, and viruses or malware can be sent to the end-user. Because virus scanners run with high access rights and are used at central points they offer highly attractive targets for attacks. The crux is that the more AV solutions are used, the greater the risk. This problem can become the downfall of providers, for example, or organizations that are reliant on the high availability and integrity of their systems and data.

So that virus scanners can be operated efficiently and in keeping with their actual protective function, n.runs has designed the "Application Protection System - Anti-Virus (aps-AV)", which embeds the respective AV engines in a screened-off environment. This scalable solution, which has been developed by the IT security specialists themselves, can house an unlimited number of virus scanners and secures the complete e-mail and antivirus infrastructure against attacks from outside.

aps-AV completes the security infrastructure of companies

n.runs aps-AV is part of the aps product-family and offers comprehensive protection, because it functions according to the defense-in-depth principle in a highly secure 3-tiered environment. Thanks to multiple scanning, there is an increase in the virus-recognition rate of conventional anti-virus programs and at the same time in the protection against malware. "Our system prevents all effects of attacks, such as - for example - the taking of control over the mail server or of the AV clients behind it", explains Thierry Zoller, Senior Security Engineer of n.runs AG. "Attacks for purposes of industrial and commercial espionage, or for manipulation and compromising of the e-mail infrastructure, will in future have no chance at all", adds Zoller.

As well as the opportunity to centralize, which leads to savings on resources and costs, the system also optimizes the performance of the servers and simplifies administration. This ensures high availability, system stability and scalability, which thus makes the antivirus solutions safe for companies and at the same time more cost-effective.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 21, 2008
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