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n.b 10 things to make a note of this week.

TURKEY JIVE Fun facts The real showstopper at Christmas is the tasty turkey. Here are a few facts you can throw out around the table while you're tucking in. The collective noun for a group of turkeys is a 'raffle'.

. Baby turkeys are called poults. Female turkeys are called hens, male turkeys are stags.

. The red fleshy bit hanging offa turkey's beak is called a 'snood', not to be confused with 'wattles', the fleshy bit under the neck. When a male turkey is strutting and feels amorous, the snood engorges with blood and extends to hang down over the beak.

. Turkeys originate from Mexico. When the Spanish first found the bird more than 400 years ago and brought it back to Europe, the English mistakenly thought it was a bird they called a 'turkey', which came through the country Turkey, so they gave it the same name.

NB: Facts from Good enough to eat Closet London has launched its latest collection, in stores this month. If food is always on your mind, this is perfect - the range is called 'Macaroon' and is inspired by afternoon tea. We're thinking cucumber sandwiches, scones, Victoria sponge and champagne. It features pastel hues and clean lines and is making us hungry - to update our wardrobe AND for cake. With prices starting at PS38, there's money left over to do both.

NB: Dress, PS80 New drop Top, PS40; trousers, PS58 SCENT-SATIONAL SWAPS Fragrance is the ideal gift at Christmas, but if it's threatening to blow your budget get on down to Lidl, where their new range of fragrances are just PS4.99. Each inspired by much pricier offerings, these are our top picks Perfect perfumes If you love Lancome La Vie Est Belle (from PS49) try Aura En Rose If you love Narciso Rodriguez For Her (from PS40) try Aura D'Elle If you love J'Adore Dior (from PS59.50) try Aura de Esplendor If you love CK One (from PS36.99) try Aura Unicke And if you love DKNY Woman (from PS29) try Aura New York Star chat BACK TOGETHER FOR CHRISTMAS Mel and Sue reunite with ex-judge buddy Mary Berry on Christmas Eve sprinkle some festive, culinary, soggy-bottom-free joy on the residents a south Wales community that has experienced tough times this year Did you enjoy being reunited with Mary? Sue: Mary has been following us around ever since we finished Bake Off. It's getting embarrassing. When we discovered her crouched behind the laurel bush with a pair of night-vision goggles on, we thought, The only thing that's going to stop this is by agreeing to work with her again.' Did you get involved in the cooking? Mel: I ate 13 pigs in blankets. Then Mary slapped me across the hand like a primary school teacher.

Sue: I focused on the liquid refreshments. After two bottles of prosecco I was convinced was Prancer the Reindeer. Mary slapped me across the face like a primary school teacher and I cantered offto sober up.

What are the most important parts of a Christmas party for you? Mel: I am very, very serious when it comes to waitressing. I have spent a good few years of my life waitressing. And I probably will again. It's vital if you're having a large sit-down dinner that everybody gets served promptly, politely, and that you keep a close eye on your allotted tables. I can feel I've lost you What's your favourite part of Christmas? Mel: Shoes off, paper hat slumped over one eye, glass of fizz in hand, family piled on the sofa gently bickering over what film to watch. Sue: The four Fs: Family. Friends. Flatulent dogs. Finding you still have room for a suet pudding at 4am.

NB: Mary, Mel & Sue's Big Christmas Thank You is on BBC1, Christmas Eve, 7pm Hey suckers!

Yes, it does say Gin & Tonic on the bag Sweet treat Why should lollipops just be for kids? Smith & Sinclair have come up with a boozy take on sherbet dip-dabs in the flavours Gin & Tonic, Cosmopolitan and Mulled Rum, with each pack containing the equivalent of a shot. Or, weirder still, how about tucking into a lollipop that looks like somebody you know? You just send in a clear photo of somebody's face and they'll make you a lookalike lolly. Sweet! NB: Smith & Sinclair Cocktail Dip Dabs, PS20 for 3, NotOnTheHigh; Personalised Face Lollipops, PS39.95, Hey, rat fans David Walliams is now as synonymous with Christmas as the tin of Quality Street we get through while watching his shows. This year, we have an adaptation of his kids' book Grandpa's Great Escape (BBC1, New Year's Day), and before that Ratburger, also starring his favourite leading lady Sheridan Smith What was the inspiration behind the story of Ratburger? The character of Burt is partly based on a guy we met on Britain's Got Talent. He had dark glasses, greasy black hair and false teeth rattling in his mouth. His first line was, 'I know what you're thinking - they've dug up Roy Orbison!' Then he got out a brown paper bag and proceeded to start eating cockroaches. I created this whole imaginary life for him. I imagined he had a burger van, used his cockroaches to make special sauce and turned rats into burgers. It was a seed of truth that grew into the tree of this story.

He sounds quite evil He realises it's cheaper to turn rats rather than cows into burgers. But then he starts to be discovered and has to protect himself. He has to kill to cover up his misdemeanours. The first person he kills is Star chat a health inspector. He's also blind, but that doesn't stop him driving. In his defence, he says, 'In 27 years of driving, I've only run over 59 people.' Why should people watch it this Christmas? At this time of year, you're stuck together in the living room, and by Boxing Day you're starting to think, 'This is long.' You're looking for something to watch together, so it's great to have something like this none of you have watched before that will appeal to all the family.

But it's so gruesome Children like yuckiness. But remember, I'm not saying that all children should befriend rats. I don't want parents to write in saying, Thanks to your story, my daughter now has the bubonic plague!' NB: Ratburger is on Boxing Day, Sky 1, 6pm Sheridan says 'My character Sheila is a baddie, a classic pantomime villain. She loves the gruesomeness of it all, and asks Burt, "Can I come up and watch the rats going into the mincer?" She's like Phil Mitchell in drag! I'm also trying to channel Waynetta Slob because Kathy Burke is my hero.' LAST-MINUTE GIFTS FOR UNDER PS10 We can't all be those smug people who finish Christmas shopping before December has even started. And if, like us, you attempt to avoid the last-minute shopping panic year after year, but never quite manage it, look no further. You'd better get moving, though Gin Fizz candle, PS8, Next Bee bag, PS8, Primark Sequin slippers, PS9, F&F at Tesco Diary and sticker pad, PS9, Accessorize Shortbread rounds, PS5, M&Co Coin purse, PS7, Oasis Pressie tips SEASONAL STRESS MESS Festive facts Not to panic you or anything, but this time next week it shall be Christmas actual Eve. And almost half of us will still be pounding the high street 2 in 5 of us are out buying gifts on Christmas Eve (not that we like to gender stereotype, but we wager that at least 90% of them are men).

Gravy granules, stuffing and cranberry sauce are the most forgotten necessities with sales doubling in Christmas week.

Sticky tape and gift tag purchases go up 76%, so we clearly don't wrap gifts until the last moment.

1 in 20 of us forget the sprouts (by accident or design, we wonder?).

A third of us will forget someone's present, with friends most likely to miss out, and more than 2/3rds of women feel the festive strain, but less than half of men do NB: Research from Sainsbury's DIY DECORATIONS the idea of adult colouring books strikes you as a little, um, pointless, how about this version where the things you colour become Christmas decorations to hang on your tree? Also suitable for children! Actually, it's made for children, age 2-5, we just got really excited about it.) Press Out & Colour Christmas Decorations, PS9.99, published by Nosy Crow Clever colouring Completely crackers Robot magic crackers, PS17.50, Paperchase Each one includes a magic set for after-dinner performances.

Balloon modelling crackers, PS4.99 for 8, Aldi Including modelling balloons and a pump (also comes in bingo and Who Am I? game varieties).

Crackertoa crackers, PS18 for 6, John Lewis Including a mini firework to give it a loud bang and a burst of confetti, and grown-up gifts like screwdrivers and bottle openers that won't be chucked out with the paper hats.

Origami crackers, PS17.50, Paperchase Featuring origami kits - handy if you get bored waiting for pudding.

Santa's Sleigh Race crackers, PS7 for 6, Sainsbury's With a Santa toy to wind up and race against other Santas on the North Pole race track (and candy canes for the winner).

Mini crackers, PS16 for 10, Hotel Chocolat Unsurprisingly featuring chocolate-based gifts, and a space to write each guest's name so they can double up as place settings.
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