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Today Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ITV, 7pm WHAT'S IT ABOUT? Harry returns for his fourth year at Hogwarts to find someone has volunteered him for a prestigious but potentially deadly magical tournament, which will see him competing against the cream of the wizarding world's other boarding schools. To make matters worse, it appears the evil Lord Vordemort is planning a comeback, and Harry and Ron face the even more terrifying prospect of finding dates for the Yule Ball.

ANY GOOD? It's arguably one of the best of the Harry Potter films - darker and more complex than the early instalments, but easier to follow than the later movies, which can be a bit mystifying if you haven't read the books. Young stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, who have been a bit patchy in previous outings, rise to the material admirably, while the supporting adult cast is chock full of some of Britain's best actors, with Brendan Gleeson proving a particularly welcome addition to the Hogwarts staffroom.

Braveheart Channel 4, 10.50pm WHAT'S IT ABOUT? Mel Gibson directs and stars in this multi-Oscar-winning epic which charts the life of legendary Scottish hero William Wallace and his efforts to defeat Edward I. After his father and brother are killed in battle, a young Wallace is taken in by his uncle. Years later, he looks forward to living the quiet life as a farmer but vows revenge against the throne when the King's soldiers murder his wife. ANY GOOD? It takes a special film to win five Oscars, and while this Hollywood hit isn't an accurate lesson in 13th-century British history, it is a superb example of accomplished directing as Gibson expertly managed thousands of extras for some truly awe-inspiring battle scenes. Gibson's accent may be a little wobbly but the acting is decent too, with Gibson, Sophie Marceau and Patrick McGoohan all on fine form.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 10, 2013
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