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men pants at undies.

WOMEN have 31 pairs of sexy scanties - compared with just THREE pairs of pulling pants owned by the average bloke.

A study of the nation's undies found huge differences in male and female underwear drawers.

The average woman owns PS836 of lingerie, spending around PS450 a year updating her smalls. They have 42 pairs of knickers, with 11 of those being for everyday wear.

Designer brands are growing in popularity, with lacy, black thongs top choice for a woman for a night on the town.

But men own just 13 pairs of briefs, keeping three for "best". In the Debenhams survey, 76% of men said they felt "more secure" on a date in snug, fitted trunks. Top choice for women was a matching set of designer bra and panties.

Debenhams' Aliza Reger said: "Designer lingerie can make you feel more confident in your everyday life."
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 7, 2013
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