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medical notes.

| HAS your New Year mission to shed the pounds failed already? You're not the only one.

Doctors behind a new obesity management website - - say many who began crash diets on January 1 will never succeed because they are not looking at the real causes of their obesity.

Psychiatrist Dr Samantha Scholtz, says: "If people lose weight but don't address the underlying psychological issues in their relationship with food, the weight will go back on, condemning millions to a life of yo-yo dieting or progressive weight gain with all the serious health issues that can bring."

Her new website offers advice from specialists in weight management and hormones, psychologists, dieticians and yoga instructors.

| WHAT makes you happier and healthier - time or money? New research published by the Society of Personality and Social Psychology suggests having more leisure time rather than making more money may be linked to greater happiness.

Lead researcher Ashley Whillans, of the University of British Columbia, says: "It appears people have a stable preference for valuing their time over making more money."

Maybe money really can't buy happiness.

| HOW much do you spend on keeping fit? According to a new study, pursuing fitness fads across a lifetime could equal the deposit on a house.

Research calculated by the money saving gurus at shows that the average Brit will spend PS1,120 a year in a bid to lose weight, which over a lifetime comes to an eye-watering PS58,240.

Among the highest costs were swapping sweet treats for healthier versions, shelling out for slimming clubs and paying for gym membership.

Other costs include downloading fitness apps, and buying new trainers and gym gear.

But getting fit doesn't have to cost the earth. The website advises you to try using household objects like tins as weights, exercising in the park and even growing your own healthy fruit and veg.


Having time to relax seems to be more important than earning a lot of money

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Date:Jan 21, 2016
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