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material pirate Original; As his Kaluki brand comes to Liverpool this month, EMMA JOHNSON finds out more about the man behind Pirate Copy.


THE Asylum, at Newsham Park is opening for a party again at the end of the month as Liverpool's two biggest brands, Cream and Circus welcome Kaluki to the city.

Ahead of the event I caught up with the Kaluki record label boss himself, Manchester's Lee Spence, better known as DJ and producer Pirate Copy.

For anyone who might not have come across the name before. Who is Pirate Copy? And how long have you been around? THE Pirate Copy project started a few years ago, we were initially a trio, then a duo.

Finally I went solo on the project and have been enjoying having full creative control in the studio and while performing.

How would you describe the style of music you make? I GUESS I am making tribal tech house, always with a strong groove and some vocal hooks.

I'm beginning to find my sound and it's quite a journey doing so. I'm not one to stay still though, I will continue to be influenced by what I see and hear, so it will evolve and that will keep it interesting for me and my fans hopefully.

Your music has been backed by the likes of Hot Since 82, and Pete Tong. How important is that sort of support? IT'S very important to have support, and I'm grateful for that - it helps break your music.

Without this support you could produce something amazing, but if nobody heard it then it would be a huge shame.

You also run the record label Kaluki. How long have you had it and what made you launch your own label? I STARTED Kaluki Events 12 years ago and then the label seven years ago. I started the label as I wanted to be able to support myself as an artist and also all of the guys who were coming through our events.

I also wanted to be able to tour with Kaluki and through that we needed to influence people all over the world with the Kaluki sound through our label.

This month sees Kaluki team up with two of the biggest Liverpool brands Circus and Cream at The Asylum. How did that collaboration come about? WE WERE working on a UK Kaluki tour and we started to discuss a show with Rich and Yousef (of Circus) as the promoters. We have done a couple of these in Liverpool and Manchester before and they worked well.

All of a sudden it became a much bigger show with Cream and the Asylum venue becoming the best option. I was delighted as I had seen videos of huge shows at that venue before and was massively impressed.

Have you been to the venue? NO. I have only seen it in photos and videos, I can't wait to see it for real Did you know that Newsham Park Hospital is said to be one of the most haunted places in the UK.

Ha ha... yeah I did. Spooky!

Dubfire, Heidi, Camelphat, Max Chapman... it is an amazing line-up. How much input did you have on the bookings? WE worked together on a shortlist, and luckily we managed to get the perfect line-up.

As I answer you now, on a plane flying back from a Kaluki show in Mexico, we have just added Solardo to the bill as special guests, so something huge just got a tad bigger!

Having Liverpool's own Camelphat on there is a coup. They are so hot right now and local stars. Do you know Mike and Dave? YES it is. We have been chatting and sharing music on email but haven't actually met in person.

But we are doing this show and some festivals together this summer so looking forward to getting to know them better.

What else have you got coming up this year? I know Kaluki has had residencies for Blue Marlin in Ibiza and Dubai in the past. Anything more like that planned? YES. We have a North and Solardo have just the bill for Kaluki South America tour planned in October, a new residency in Ibiza and in Playa del Carmen, Spain and we are working on numerous Kaluki tours across Europe.

I'll also be doing my first Australian tour as Pirate Copy in September. So 2018 looks very exciting.

And how about releases. Any tracks we should be looking out for? THE next EP on Kaluki is coming out in May and is a little bit special.

It's the legendary DJ Sneak and I've done the remixes. I can't wait to share it with everyone!

Finally, do you think you would make a good pirate? WELL, after getting seasick on a boat party recently and having to spend an hour down below being sick, I think the answer is a definite NO!

| CIRCUS and Cream present Kaluki at The Asylum, The Old Newsham Park Hospital on April 28, been added to at The Asylum


Solardo have just been added to the bill for Kaluki at The Asylum

Lee Spence, aka Pirate Copy
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