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make [1].


Pronunciation: \'m[macron over a]k\


made \'m[macron over a]d\


1 : to form or put together out of material or parts <Do you know how to make a dress?>

2 : to cause to exist or occur <Don't make trouble.> <It makes a funny noise.>

3 : to prepare food or drink <She made breakfast for us.>

4 : to cause to be or become <Your visit made them happy.>

5 : compel 1 <Grandma will make them go to bed.>

6 : to arrange the blankets and sheets on (a bed) so that the mattress is covered

7 : to combine to produce <Two and two make four.>

8 : get 1, gain <We made a profit on the sale.> <Does she make friends easily?>

9 : [sup.1]reach 2 <We made it home.>

10 : [sup.1]do 1, perform <I'm making a speech.> <He made a gesture.>

11 : to act so as to be <Make sure you have your toothbrush.>

mak*er \'m[macron over a]-k[schwa]r\ noun

make believe : to act as if something known to be imaginary is real or true

make fun of : to cause to be the target of laughter in an unkind way

make good : fulfill 1, complete <I made good my promise.>

make out 1 : to write out <I'll make out a list.> 2 : understand 1 <I can't make out what this says.> 3 : identify 1 <I can't make out who it is.> 4 : [sup.1]fare <How did you make out on your tests?>

make up 1 : to create from the imagination <He made up a story.> 2 : [sup.2]form 3, compose <Eleven players make up the team.> 3 : to do something to correct or repay a wrong <Volunteer work made up for their mischief.> 4 : to become friendly again <They quarreled but later made up.> 5 : to put on makeup 6 : decide 1 <I've finally made up my mind.>

synonyms: make, form, and manufacture mean to cause to come into being. make is a word that can be used of many kinds of creation. <She knows how to make a chair.> <They made many friends.> form is used when the thing brought into being has a design or structure. <The colonies formed a new nation.> manufacture is used for the act of making something in a fixed way and usually by machinery. <The company manufactures cars.>

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