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maintenance and further development of the solution improved remedies.

Contract notice: maintenance and further development of the solution improved remedies.

1) Background and purpose : Competition and Consumer Authority (KFST) has pr. 1.12.2009 roof solution Improved remedies in use. Improved remedies is a collective term for a variety of web-based systems for handling consumer complaints. Improved remedies consist of - Complain Online - web-based complaint reporting to the Consumer Complaints Board, private appeals, the Consumer Ombudsman and Consumer Europe. : - My case - web-based system for sharing documents in a specific complaint : - Spam Complaint - web-based system to complain about spam to the Consumer Ombudsman : - Prior Message - traders can obtain advance notice of the Consumer Ombudsman on promotions : - Administration - Administrators can configure complaint forms and form for prior approval The solutions can be accessed via the website:, and : Solutions are also available through the iframe: and, where appropriate. : The solution clarifies initially via Complain online, whether it is possible to complain about a product or service to the Consumer Complaints Board or a private board of appeals approved. Thereafter, the consumer of a wizard that helps to fill in the actual complaint via the web form. Via login with NemID are made online message in CPR to get the consumer~s address, and conducted online research in the CVR register to download the trader~s address. Consumers can also pay the appeal fee online through a payment module. After completion of the program will appeal set up as a new case with the parties and documents in KFST~s DMS solution, 360 During the proceeding, KFST need to inform the litigants typical consumer (the complainant) and a trader (respondent) and obtain additional information. This will be done via My case where information from 360 is published together with such a phase report. There synchronized nightly via a batch program that stores the information in a database. The users can send messages via My case, and these messages are stored in 360 The solution notifies the parties, when there is something new in the matter that requires their active position. Notification via email and / or SMS. Via an internal administration part it is possible to set up rules Complain online, deploy and manage forms, administrative and selling forms, just as it is possible to manage users of My case and supporting them. : Improved remedies is extended to provide a range of solutions targeted DCO. Citizens can complain to the Consumer Ombudsman. The solution offers some special customized forms that can be used in campaigns such as targeted complain of ~then and now~ prices. The complaint created in DMS solution 360 Citizens can also complain about spam. Spam is collected and collated so

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Sep 26, 2013
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