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WHY did Prince Charles represent Britain at the 60th anniversary of Dunkirk?

His father, Prince Philip, has a distinguished Second World War naval record and would have been more fitting.

Charles displays a chestful of impressive gongs but he has no war or active service to entitle him to wear campaign medals. - John O'Hare, Arden, Glasgow.

TWO BBC programmes on the Dunkirk evacuation appeared to show only English regiments had taken part. I saw one Highland Light Infantry veteran (the piper), but not a single Scots, Welsh or Irish ex-soldier was interviewed.

Is there anti-Scots bias in the London BBC or is it just ignorance? - J.H. Bennett, King's Park, Glasgow.

ONE of the boats that evacuated men at Dunkirk, the Skylark, is still in operation - on Loch Lomond.

For many years, members of the Dunkirk Veterans' Association attended Balloch for a memorial parade and service. The Skylark ferried them out on the loch where a moving service was held and poppy petals were scattered in memory of their comrades who did not return. - Alex Moffat, Glenrothes, Fife.

On the map

MIKE TYSON'S Scottish sparring partner Raz Parnez, 18, says the big fight at Hampden could put Glasgow on the map. Well, Glasgow was on the map before Tyson and will still be here long after he is gone and forgotten. - John McDonald, Knightswood, Glasgow.

Net income

ANDREW WILSON does not know his tennis when comparing the earnings of Andre Agassi with Anna Kournikova.

Agassi is the No.1 male player in the world, while Kournikova isn't even in the female top ten. Martina Hingis, however, is the top female player and earns roughly the same as Agassi. - Alastair Robertson, Ralson, Paisley.

Give us a break

ARE TV quiz shows like Big Break, Family Fortunes and Catchphrase exclusively for English competitors? The rest of Britain seems to be ignored. - J. Eccles, Inverness.

ChildLine thanks

ON behalf of all the staff at ChildLine Scotland, I want to thank everyone who helped during our recent Volunteer Week. Without such aid, ChildLine could not provide help to Scottish children and young people 365 days a year.

Anybody interested in becoming a volunteer, should call 0141-552 1123. Any child needing help should call free on 0800 1111. - Mafe Marwick, Fundraising Organiser, ChildLine Scotland.

Can cache

I WAS interested in the Sunday Mail's feature on the Tennent's lager girls. My husband and I realised we had a collection of our own - nine cans in the attic.

I'd now like to meet the collecters who'll pay us up to pounds 200 for them! - Mrs E. McCall, Kirkintilloch.

What a pain

I HAD a headache, felt sick, drowsy, weak, shaky, and rather faint, so I went to my doctor and he gave me some tablets.

But a note with the tablets warned that the tablets may make me feel headachy, sick, drowsy, weak, shaky, or faint. So I threw them all away and went down the pub for a good slug of whisky. - John Woodhouse, Nottingham.

Sock it to 'em

IF I ever win the National Lottery my self indulgence will be to wear a new pair of socks every day.

The nearest I get to this is by putting away my Christmas and birthday presents of socks, and wearing a new pair every day during my annual holiday - 14 days of sheer bliss! - Ian McLaren, Edinburgh.

Mystery of Norman the conqueror

I WAS surprised that Norman Wisdom got any kind of honour, let alone a knighthood from the Queen. He only ever had one "joke" - falling about the stage as a daft wee man in a cloth cap.

His TV performances were a yawn, his films a flop. And he's been out of the public spotlight for decades. The only thing he has going for him is that the strange people of Albania find him funny.

Wisdom would have been booed off the stage in Scotland. No wonder he stayed away. - Bob Harvey, Falkirk.

IT was great to see the Queen smile after she knighted Norman Wisdom at Buckingham Palace. When he walked away and pretended to trip, my husband and I burst out laughing too. - B. Reid, Erskine.

Stop telling us what to think

GOOD on the ladies of the Women's Institute for slow handclapping Tony Blair and giving him his comeuppance.

I was shocked at the nasty way he stormed out in the huff. It's time politicians listened to ordinary people in the street and found out what we voters really want - not what they arrogantly think is good for us.- J. Gibson, Dunblane.

HOW Ms Alexander, Deacon and Boyack became MSPs, far less Ministers, beggars belief. Their arrogance bears no relation to their performance so far. If only we could turn the clock back and rid ourselves of devolution, not only for Scotland but for Wales and Ireland too. Tony Blair has a lot to answer for. - D.W. Auld, Perth.

WHICH planet does Wendy Alexander come from? She claims New Labour is delivering for Scotland. Well, check this. Our NHS is disintegrating, law and order is out of control, there are fewer police on the streets, drugs are rampant, the Mike Tyson affair, and they won't listen on Section 28. The list is endless. Daffy Duck could do better. - J. Baxter, Glasgow.

Bossy birds

I AGREE with the reader that sparrowhawks could be the reason for the sharp decline in the sparrow population. But I also think the increase in the numbers of magpies is to blame. These bossy birds have taken over my garden. - M. Short, Ayr.

Caring rescuers

I ALSO found the SSPCA most unhelpful when dealing with a stray cat and five kittens. But thanks to Cat Rescue, the animals were quickly uplifted to a foster home. - Rose Robinson, Whitburn, West Lothian.

Soya scare

WHAT a worry for the 5000 women who will have to have soya implants removed, after the cancer scare. It must also be a worry for those with silicone implants. Britain claims these are safe - but some countries have banned them. - J. Hope, Edinburgh.

Watter cheek

THE STV documentary about Rothesay ended with a camera shot looking down a flushing toilet. This brings a new meaning to the saying "doon the watter". - James Rice, Renfrew.


WHICH rock star has the most fan clubs? - I. Ross, Aberdeen.

IT'S still Elvis Presley, who died in 1977. Worldwide, there are almost 500.

SETTLE an argument. Did a member of the Royal Family invent windscreen wipers? - D. MacKinnon, Dundee.

YES, but not our royals. Prussia's Prince Henry put them on a Benz car he drove from Hamburg to England in 1911. They worked by hand.

DID a riot once take place in a Scottish cathedral? - D. Hanson, Maryhill.

YES, in 1637 rioting broke out among the congregation in St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh, when the authorities introduced a new service book imposed by Charles I. It started when Jenny Geddes threw a stool at the dean.

HOW old is the game of cricket? - B. Malone, Stirling.

THE earliest reference to it being played is at a Guildford school in the mid-16th century and also in 1654 in Kent. It was given a set of rules in 1744.

DID two world war surrenders happen in the same place? - F. Jones, Edinburgh.

YES, in 1940, the French surrendered to Germany in the same rail carriage in Compiegne that the Germans surrendered to the Allies 22 years earlier.

WHY are the tennis championships in Wimbledon? - J. Faulkie, Montrose.

THE meeting that founded the event was held at Wimbledon in June 1877. The tournament was held on July 9 the same year.

WHEN was the original detective story published? - F. Robertson, Paisley.

IN 1841, in a magazine in Philadelphia, America. It was Edgar Allan Poe's The Murders in the Rue Morgue.

WHEN was the first cremation in Britain? - H. Cook, Glasgow.

IN 1769, when Honoretta Pratt was burnt in her open grave in London. She arranged this because she thought vapours from churchyards hurt people living nearby.

WHO was the first person to diet on doctor's orders? - B. McGregor, Kilsyth.

A LONDON undertaker called William Banting was put on a diet by an ear specialist in 1862.

IN what year were driving lessons introduced to Britain? - J. Hobbs, Dunfermline.

IN 1900 - started by the Motor Carriage Supply Co. in London.
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