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loud support for bbc's new kids' music programme; STAYING IN.

IT WILL be loud, and it will be fun. That was the promise of radio and education director James Purnell, who announced the BBC's new Bring the Noise campaign, aimed at introducing children to the joy of making music.

The campaign, launched this week, will involve CBeebies stars and will be hosted on a dedicated website at The ambition is to inspire every child to become a musician and discover the joys of music-making - whether learning how to play an instrument, singing, participating in music lessons or making music at home.

JLS star-turnedfarmer and presenter JB Gill and saxophonist YolanDa Brown are just two of those highlighting the campaign, with YolanDa leading children on a musical adventure.

James says: "At the BBC we're privileged to welcome world-class musicians week in, week out, and have the best presenters and producers in the world.

"We want to use this unique position to help children across the UK take their first musical steps."

At the heart of Bring The Noise will be specially commissioned songs and resources - including an animation with legendary musician Nile Rodgers - designed to encourage teachers to teach music in schools, as well as encourage parents to help and start children making music at home.

Musicians from the BBC's orchestras will be involved, bringing songs to life through different musical genres, alongside the other supporting content and learning materials.

Adds James: "Bring the Noise will be free, simple and fun, and will unlock the benefits of music education."


Saxophonist, broadcaster and composer YolanDa Brown, right is among those giving enthusiastic backing to the BBC's Bring the Noise campaign

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 11, 2019
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