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The Rap of Eminem

Why is everyone ripping on Eminem ("They Want Your MTV," 10/16/00) when any sane individual would know that it is morally wrong to kill your girlfriend or rape your own mother? The politicians need to concentrate on more important government issues and lighten up a little bit on the entertainment industry.

MARK BOBERG La Crosse, Wis.

Parents should know where their children are and keep an eye on what they watch.


Jacksonville, Fla.

With or without Eminem and Limp Bizkit, it's all gonna be the same. We have gotten a great economy and one of the results is a worse society. But banning music and movies is not the way to help. Try enforcing the laws better first.


Parents can't preview everything their kids buy, so the government needs to stop the industry from putting out images of rape, murder, and prejudice in products they sell to kids. Eminem has said that anyone could tell he was joking. Well, any joke about raping your mother or killing a gay person is not funny to me! Some argue that the First Amendment allows people to say these things. The general welfare comes before that amendment, and if we have people believing it's OK to rape or kill because of someone's beliefs or race, we are not protecting the general welfare.


Mill Valley, Calif.

Just because I listen to artists such as Eminem does not mean I am going to become a violent person.


Mountain Home, Ida.

When are we adults going to start pointing the finger at ourselves? If we don't want our children watching or listening to this type of stuff, then we shouldn't let them.


Kansas City, Mo.

Argument Won't Wash

If people are not washing their hands ("A Dirty Secret," 10/30/00) to avoid germs on the sinks and towel dispensers, they are going back out into the world with germs to spread. If I ever go to New York and buy ice cream, I will be sure to check and see if the person serving it is named Eli, because I won't want to eat anything he serves. "I flush with my foot so I won't touch anything," Eli's quote, is the epitome of ignorance.


Vashon, Wash.

An Eye-Opening Story

"Innocent on Death Row" (9/18/00) opened my eyes to what a person on Death Row goes through, and how unfair the system can be. I have heard of people appealing and proving their innocence, but when I saw things through Shareef's eyes, I realized it's not easy. The article left me speechless.


La Crosse, Wis.


On most days, do you get enough sleep?

Here's how you voted on the question posed in the October 30 edition of UPFRONT ONLINE:

YES: 10,171 (56.2%)

NO: 7,932 (43.8%)
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Publication:New York Times Upfront
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Dec 11, 2000
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