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I began reading Black Issues Book Review in January of this year. I found the book reviews informative; and when I got the May-June 2000 issue it not only guided my reading, but pleasantly surprised me. The articles on black gay male writers, "Odd Man Out" and famous lesbian writers, "Loving Her" were rich in depth.

Homosexuality in the black community is a subject rarely broached. A smile crossed my face as I thought, "we're coming out of the closet in a big way!" I must also say that the layout and look of the magazine is maturing beatifully making it an even greater joy to see each issue in my mail box. Each issue is filled not only with little known facts of black history, but well written stories about those facts. I applaud your new approach and hope you STAY the course.

--Louise Bristow New York, NY

Black Issues is my favorite magazine-informative--stimulating--mesmerizing!! I've opened myself to new authors and I feel good about supporting my people!!

--Kim Briscoe Baltimore, MD

I read with interest the article, "Aesthetics of Rap" by Dara Cook. As the author of a trilogy on rap music and hip hop culture--Street Conscious Rap (1999), Twisted Tales in the Hip Hop Streets of Philly (1995) and Nation Conscious Rap (1991)--I was surprised to learn that not one of our titles on the subject was included in either of your articles on hip hop publishing.

Our works have been discussed and reviewed in numerous local, national and international publications, so it was with great dismay that I realized that none of our books were cited in your March-April 2000 issue. I have heard Sonia Sanchez speak very highly of your publication in public, and would like to think that the failure to include my books was merely due to a lack of knowledge. We await your explanation and the inclusion of Street Conscious Rap in your periodical.

--James G. Spady Philadelphia, PA

Editor's Note:

We at BIBR try to keep our eyes open for any and all books on the African experience in America and beyond. However, please understand that neither our cover story for March-April 2000 nor the other articles on poetry and hip hop culture found within the issue were meant in any way to be comprehensive of the various titles dealing with this issue. We are certainly glad that you appreciated the articles and hope you continue to enjoy BIBR--and please forward any future titles so that we may consider them for review and/or attention in the magazine.
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Publication:Black Issues Book Review
Date:Jul 1, 2000
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