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latest releases By Andrew Greenhalgh.

RIHANNA, ANTI finally appeared last Wednesday on premium music streaming service Tidal after it was accidentally uploaded early.

Fans of classic bangers like We Found Love, Diamonds and Umbrella would be better off with the new Sia album, but if you like the idea of Rihanna's golden vocals on top of electronic R&B then climb aboard.

By the sound of the opening eight tracks, she's clearly been listening to The Weeknd, N*E*R*D* and Drake and the results are terrific - even if the results are occasionally found melodically lacking. From her cracking cover of Tame Impala's Same ol' Mistakes onwards, though, she chucks out the electronics and switches the dial back to pop, trying on first Adele's and then Amy Winehouse's shoes for size. Let's hope we don't have to wait three years for another. Download these: Consideration, Same ol' mistakes, Higher ELTON JOHN, WONDERFUL CRAZY NIGHT THERE are some outstanding songs here, but unfortunately lots of so-so ones too.

Some of the blame for that can be placed at Taupin's door, with lines like "you're an open chord I wanna play all day" (Open Chord), not the lyricist's best. That said, it never plumbs the depths of some of his 80s and 90s output and when it's good, such as on the funky 1970s groove of Claw Hammer and the honky tonk title track, it's brilliant.

Download these: Claw Hammer, Wonderful Crazy Night LUCINDA WILLIAMS, THE GHOSTS OF HIGHWAY 20 FLITTING from rock to country to folk, the songs on alt-country legend Williams' 12th studio album were inspired by experiences throughout her life, all connected to Highway 20. But even if it's no Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, time spent with its 14 tracks will repay investment. Download these: I Know All About It, Dust, If My Love Could Kill

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Feb 5, 2016
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