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koE[macron] watches by Sarcar at Damas pay tribute to a colourful fish.

Summary: Damas, the leading international jewellery and watch retailer in the Middle

Damas, the leading international jewellery and watch retailer in the Middle East, proposes the koE[macron] collection by Sarcar. The model is inspired by a colourful fish which aroused the interest of Sarcar's designers to produce a special timepiece to honour this highly respected animal.

Tamjid Abdullah, Deputy Managing Director of Damas, said: "From the ordinary carp bred to supplement people's food diet that evolves into one that is most sought after for its price and beauty, koE[macron] is now also treasured by artists. Paintings of koE[macron] are much valued by art collectors and can command astronomical prices at auctions. Thus Sarcar's koE[macron] model is another success story in the brand's pursuit to bring acknowledgement to art in its various forms and their importance as part and parcel of our daily expectations in life."

A lacquered painted koE[macron] is one of the most prized species which rotates around the dial in a solid gold case. The mother-of-pearl dial, sapphire crystal glass and diamonds further enhance the vision with their reflection of lights to give one a feeling of serenity and pond-effect. A lacquered water-lily surrounded by its beautiful leaves enhances the beauty of the dial. At the turn of the wrist, the koE[macron] with its mesmerising colours rotates over the dial giving it a three-dimensional visual impact of the fish swimming in a pond of water-lilies.

Art collectors will love it as a living art and koE[macron]-breeders will endorse it as a sign of their pursuance to produce top-quality koE[macron]. The Sarcar brand was established in 1948 and over the years the corporate philosophy has remained much the same, combining the latest technology with the know-how and dexterity of master-watchmakers. The philosophy is still to give life to new and original concepts tailored to market demands, offering a blend of performance, innovation and aesthetic elegance through Sarcar watch's limited collection of exclusive and numbered gold watches.

Sarcar's koE[macron] watches will soon be available at Damas Les Exclusives Boutiques in Burl Al Arab, Mall of the Emirates, Emirates Towers and Dubai Mall. 2009 Al Bawaba (

2009 Al Bawaba (

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Date:Nov 22, 2009
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