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kevin maguire.

MR SUNSHINE must have given his cleaner the day off. In any case, the video of David Cameron washing the dishes was a shameful new low in politics.

His cynical home-movie was a shameful new low in politics. Do we really believe the Old Etonian Tory leader is just an ordinary Joe? No. Dodgy Dave's claptrap just put the con back into Conservative.

I feel I'm at a market convention here - not a political conference. The Tories are desperate for power and the word's gone out not to say anything to frighten voters.

So it's all spin, glitz and hot air to persuade us they're a nice party. There's a juice bar to appear trendy and the silly oak tree logo is scribbled on every wall.

But the truth is the modern Tories are much like the old ones. That's white, middle-aged and middle class.

Cameron's smile for the cameras is no substitute for substance. This could be the week he's finally found out.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 2, 2006
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