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IF YOU'VE tried to register a snappy domain name you'll know all the good ones have gone. So have most of the bad ones.

So the latest cyber-crime is domain name theft. And we don't mean registering someone else's name before they do - that's cybersquatting.

This week hijackers tricked a domain registration firm into handing over by faxing them a forged copy of the owners' signatures. And, and were nicked by hijackers emailing false forms to domain name registrars. They've been retrieved but you can see the problem.

THE top topic in our inbox is still ISPs and unlimited net access. As part of our ongoing guide to ISPs, here's two more deals worth a look.


The Deal: Unlimited 24/7 net calls with a pounds 20 phone adapter. You have to spend pounds 5 a month on calls through Quip.

No need to change your phone company - you make calls through Quip by keying a code into your phone. Discount on national and international calls.

The Deal: Unlimited net calls for pounds 15 a month.


Virgin are doing the sensible thing and trialling their unlimited access service with 10,000 users to iron out any problems. It won't be the cheapest when it does go live, but it will be one of the simplest to use. No phone service charges.


FIRST net phones, now net phone viruses. Experts in the States predict the next Love Bug will hit WAP phones as well as PCs.

A virus called Timefonica is already spreading

from computers to mobiles in Spain via an SMS messaging website.

-PROOF some net companies have too much money. A San Francisco software engineer put in an expenses claim for two voodoo dolls.

Apparently he wanted to cast a spell on an industry analyst who said nasty things about his company (we hope no one we've had a go at gets any ideas).

Amazingly, his boss approved the pounds 50 claim as a legitimate business expense.

-BORING site alert. If you remember Pi from maths lessons at school you'll probably remember it's an infinite number.

But that hasn't stopped a fun-loving group of mathematicians calculating it to around a million decimal places (no exaggeration) and sticking it all on a website at Insomniacs will love it.

WITH Euro 2000 a few days off there are plenty of attempts by tech firms to jump on the footie bandwagon. Most cringeworthy is Systrans, who are plugging their translation software as the answer to Kevin Keegan's problems. He just needs to read a few German websites, and the trophy's as good as won according to them.


THANKS to Fiona. Keep your email pics coming to: kellysi@mirror.


LET the King make your decisions for you. As tacky as it gets, even for the net.

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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Kelly, Matt
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 8, 2000
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