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keep [1].


Pronunciation: \'k[macron over e]p\


kept \'kept\


1 : to remain or cause to remain in a given place, situation, or condition <Keep off the grass.> <She kept us waiting.>

2 : to put in a specified place for storage <Where do you keep the sugar?>

3 : protect <I'll keep you from harm.>

4 : to continue doing something <Snow kept falling.>

5 : to continue to have in possession or power <Did you keep the money you found?>

6 : to prevent from leaving : detain <The criminal was kept in jail.>

7 : to hold back <Can you keep a secret?>

8 : to be faithful to : fulfill <I kept my promise.>

9 : to act properly in relation to <Remember to keep the Sabbath.>

10 : to take care of : tend <I keep a vegetable garden.>

11 : to have available for service or at someone's disposal <Grandpa wants to keep a car.>

12 : to preserve a record in <He began to keep a diary.>

13 : to continue in an unspoiled condition <Buy food that keeps well.>

14 : [sup.1]refrain <They seem unable to keep from talking.>

keep an eye on : [sup.1]watch 3 <Please keep an eye on the baby.>

keep up 1 : to continue without interruption <The rain kept up all night.> 2 : to stay even with others (as in a race) 3 : to stay well informed about something <He tries to keep up with the news.> 4 : maintain 2 <They keep up the yard.>

Headscratcher: Have you ever been told to keep your eyes peeled, and wondered how you were supposed to peel your eyes? The "peel" in the expression refers to your eyelids. To keep your eyes peeled means to keep them open -- in other words, to be watchful.

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