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july 16, 1935.

When the Black Maria first appeared on streets in 1935, it was a sensation.

This Black Maria, however, wasn't the British police van that also got the same nickname, but a parking meter.

It was the world's first such meter, and it appeared on the streets of Oklahoma City at a time when the streets were becoming congested.

One way to control parking then, as now, was the parking meter, and while there had been patents on the idea for several years, July 16, 1935, was the day it finally arrived.

It was welcomed warmly, as many new things are, only to become an object of hatred before very long.

Holger George Thuesen and Gerald A Hale, engineering professors at Oklahoma State University, designed it.

Thuesen and Hale had been asked to do so by Carl Magee, a local lawyer and newspaper boss.

The early ones were based on a gadget into which you put coins, with a pointer and flag showing how much time you had left.

For 40 years, that system remained the most popular - if you can ever describe parking meters as popular...

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