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jock gear; Flintoff reveals his joy at discovering he's part Scottish.


ENGLAND cricket hero Freddie Flintoff says he's actually Scottish - and reckons it's brilliant.

The Top Gear host, 43, also hails Sean Connery as the inspiration for his TV success.

Preston-born Freddie said of finding out he has Scottish and Viking blood while making ITV show DNA Journey: "I discovered I'm part Scandinavian, part Scottish and part Lancastrian. So as far as I'm concerned, I'm a Scottish Viking raised in Preston."

Teetotal Freddie added that his roots explain his legendary past booze binges.

He declared about his Scots-laced DNA: "It's a combination that probably explains why I was pretty good at drinking."

Freddie loves his Scottish roots as he is convinced discovering them helped cure his crippling depression. He said: "I've spoken about depression and some of the battles I've had in my life.

"I've spent hours, and a lot of money over the years, trying to find out what was going on in my head - and for some reason that DNA Journey really helped things fall into place. I would never have considered, before making that programme how helpful it is to understand who you are in a genetic sense."

Freddie - who has kids Holly, 17, Corey, 15, Rocky, 13, and one-year-old Preston with wife Rachel Wools, 40 - added he agreed to do wacky stunts on Sky's A League of Their Own due to Sean Connery.

He said of the late Edinburgh-born actor, who died last October aged 90 after suffering from dementia: "I watched some footage of Sean Connery just after he passed away from when he was on Michael Parkinson's chat show.

"In his Scottish brogue, he was saying you have to be fully prepared to make a fool of yourself if you have any hope of making it as an actor.

"A League of Their Own helped me with the Sean Connery philosophy.

"I remember on the first series, me and Jamie Redknapp were always saying we wouldn't do the games they had dreamt up because we didn't want to commit to making complete idiots of ourselves. Or if we did do them, we would often do them halfa***d - and it would come across so badly on TV because you weren't committed."


TOP TRIO Flintoff, right, with Top Gear pals Paddy and Chris

SCOT THE LOT Freddie also has Viking blood. Pic: PA

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Nov 10, 2021
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