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james martin + co Applies Global Strategy to Internal Communications Initiatives.

FAIRFAX, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 28, 1998--

Nortel's (Northern Telecom's) Meridian Mail Net Gateway Enables Consulting Firm to Communicate Globally

james martin + co (jm+co), a prominent international management and information technology (IT) consulting firm based in Fairfax, Va., recently announced the completion of Phase 1 of a global voice network for its consulting workforce.

Based on Nortel's(a) (Northern Telecom's) Meridian(a) line of enterprise private branch exchanges (PBX), the network permits direct on-network dialing among jm+co offices on a worldwide basis. This network provides the flexibility to relay voice mail over the company's internal data network or via the Internet.

When all phases are complete, all messaging will be off of the public switched network, and employees can reach each other around the world by dialing only eight digits. jm+co expects to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the first year of operations by using this strategy ofshifting expensive global switched traffic to low and fixed cost alternatives.

jm+co teaches corporations how to be more effective by creating a "knowledge infrastructure" to capture the knowledge and experience of their workers. Corporations around the world are learning the value of such "warehouses of experience," which have been made possible with groupware and more recently, Intranets. Not only must global corporations be able to capture and store this valuable information, they must also be able to disseminate it to their employees.

Ken Bell, jm+co's chief information officer commented, "As a global company engaged in complex projects for sophisticated clients, we must be able to communicate rapidly and economically with a distributed workforce. Although e-mail remains a key element in the total communication picture, voice still has an advantage for speed and an ability to convey complex information quickly.

"Also, at its heart, consulting is a business based on relationships. The human element of a voice is a much more powerful vehicle to develop relationships than written e-mail messages."

The network was implemented in the U.S. over a 45-day period, during which jm+co simultaneously replaced its primary telecommunications provider, converted to a new e-mail system, upgraded the Nortel Meridian PBXs to the current release, installed and tested Nortel's Meridian Mail(a) Net Gateway and switched over to the new global voice dialing plan. This was all completed without interruption to business operations.

Nortel's Meridian Mail Net Gateway is an application that uses the Voice Profile for Internet Mail (VPIM) protocol to enable voice messages to be routed to anybody, anywhere using the Internet, corporate intranet or Wide Area Network (WAN).

Net Gateway incorporates critical voice messaging functions including: creating a voice message distribution list, performing lookups and updates from a multiplatform directory, forwarding a message, playing a forwarded message, receiving and replying to a non-delivery notification, and sending a message to a distant off-site location.

Bell went on to say, "All of the parallel projects were essentially controlled by three people within the company working through an extended project team made up of Nortel engineers, the telecommunications provider and other contractors. It was an excellent example of how a 'virtual team' can come together for a concise purpose, communicating electronically while executing a geographically distributed tactical operation. I'm very happy with the job that our people and our vendor partners have done."

Phase 2 of the project will extend the NetGateway voice messaging capability to the remainder of jm+co's international offices. This phase will save both time and money for the company.

Being a global operation means that someone somewhere is at work during any 24-hour period. Communication must occur throughout that time to help ensure maximum productivity. In operation, the global voice infrastructure will be an economic contributor to a "one company, one culture," Global 2000 corporate operating style.

Company Background

james martin + co is a worldwide IT and management consulting firm that specializes in building "cybercorps." A cybercorp is an organization that is optimized for the digital age of cyberspace. Through the creative application of technology and proven business processes, jm+co is transforming companies and governments worldwide to help them compete in today's fast-paced and fiercely competitive global economy.

james martin + co is a privately held company with offices in more than 20 locations worldwide.

Nortel is a diversified provider of market-leading communications equipment, services and network solutions for business, commerce and entertainment. Nortel had 1997 revenues of U.S. $15.5 billion and has approximately 73,000 employees worldwide.

(a) Nortel, Meridian and Meridian Mail are trademarks of Northern


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