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HISTORIANS of animation have discovered that Disney frequently ripped off their own cartoons.

Scenes, characters and expressions from older films were re-used, and revamped, on more recent movies.

So Mowgli from The Jungle Book strolls on a log in the Indian jungle.

Then, a few years later, a similar scene appears, with Winnie The Pooh's Christopher Robin ambling on a log in an English wood.

There's nothing new in this.

Familiar scenes are always repeating themselves, as I've discovered...

1ALISTAIR Darling stood up in Parliament to read his budget, last week. Just like previous scenes, where Gordon Brown stood up to reveal his budget. Of course, there are a few subtle differences.

Brown used to say he had brought an end to boom and bust - Darling merely claimed to have defeated boom..

2ENGLAND footy star Frank Lampard has been shown up as a selfish bloke who doesn't give much thought to Elen Rives, the mother of his children.

A scene clearly stolen from previous scenes featuring Paul Gascoigne, George Best and just about every other overgrown schoolboy paid ludicrous amounts to kick a ball.

3NOW her marriage is over, Madonna has turned into a bleached blonde pop star, chasing and dating flesh half her age. Seems like a new yarn? Nah.

Just the Rod Stewart Story, minus the tartan trousers.

4CHERYL Cole is splitting from Girls Aloud for a solo career.

Hopefully Cheryl will have loads of success, just like her carbon copy, Ginger (didn't she used to be somebody?) Spice.

5MARCO Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay are so darned similar, there could be copyright issues over their personalities.

Though when it comes to physical appearance, there are some variations.

Gordon is Shrek. Marco is Shrek in a Kevin Keegan wig..
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Apr 26, 2009
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