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Byline: IDEAL BEST FRIENDS: Choices for the coolest mates include Bart Simpson (far left), popstars from Blink 182 (above) and comedian Dom Joly (left)

A friend indeed?

A RECENT survey revealed that most Britons have nine close friends. But what makes a "best friend"? Coventry teenagers tell RICHARD PEARCE who they might choose - real or fictional, from private or public life - for the time-honoured role.


HOME: Holly lives with her dad Clive, a director at Rolls-Royce, mum Heather, a sub-postmistress, and brother Max.

SCHOOL: King Henry VIII.

CAREER HOPES/AMBITION: Television presenter.

EXAMS: Studying GCSEs.

INTERESTS: Drama, playing the piano, socialising.

HOLLY'S CHOICE: I think a best friend should always stand by you, through thick and thin, and even if you grow apart, will always be there for you. I also believe that age or sex doesn't matter. It depends on with whom you have a good mental rapport.

I would probably choose my aunt Juliette, because although she may be quite a lot older than me, I find her interesting. She has had lots of exciting experiences.

I enjoy listening to her tell me about her frequent travels across the Himalayas and into Tibet. On one occasion, she even took me with her into the deepest jungles of Nepal.

Ever the optimist, she hopes to live to 140, so with luck, she will remain my best friend for a long time yet.


HOME: Amy lives with her dad Michael, a builder, and mum Lee, a project development officer. Sister Sophie attends the Oxford School of Reflexology.

SCHOOL: King Henry VIII.

EXAMS: Studying GCSEs.


INTERESTS: Basketball, football, skateboarding, music, cinema, swimming, singing.

AMY'S CHOICE: Best friends are people that are always there for you. Best friends are people you love in a special way and you can tell them anything.

Best friends are always good listeners and can give you good advice (usually) or a helping hand when you feel like you're facing the world on your own.

Even when you fall out with your best friend you sort it out and it makes your friendship stronger.

If I had to choose a best friend, it wouldn't be someone famous because you might be disappointed when you find out what they are really like.

My best friend would be my sister because she does all of these things even though we fall out sometimes. We are sisters by chance but friends by choice and I love her to bits.


HOME: Chris lives with dad, Des, mum Kath, a nurse, and has a sister Charlotte.

SCHOOL: Cardinal Wiseman RC School.

EXAMS: Starting GCSEs next year.

CAREER HOPES/AMBITION: Computer game designer.

INTERESTS: Skateboarding, listening to music, playing drums, Army Cadets, watching TV.

CHRIS'S CHOICE: A best friend is somebody who's always there for you. He helps you when you need something, and you can talk to him. Sometimes a best friend makes fun of you in a nice way.

My best "celebrity" friend would be Trev Parker, creator of South Park, because he has a big imagination and is one of the funniest men on TV.

My idols include Mark Hoppus (Blink 182), Tom Green, Johnny Knoxville and Dom Joly.

Definitely out are Eminem, Will Smith, Steps and Chris Evans.


HOME: Jack lives with his dad Steve, a building site project manager, mum Jackie, a home care nurse, and has two brothers, Daniel and Sammy, and a sister, Alice.

SCHOOL: Cardinal Wiseman RC School.

EXAMS: Starting GCSEs next term.


INTERESTS: Skateboarding, heavy metal music and punk, eating, TV.

JACK'S CHOICE: If I could have a celebrity to be my best friend it would be Tom Delong from Blink 182, because he is very funny and really good on guitar - so he could teach me, because I want to learn. And I could go to all their gigs - which would be really cool!

A best friend is someone who supports you and is there for you.

I wouldn't choose Jim Carey because he's really annoying and I wouldn't get on very well with him.

My idol would be Max Cavalera of Soulfly. Definitely not an idol would be anyone who raps.


HOME: Daniel lives with dad Steven, a stone mason, mum Monica, "the best mum in the world", and brothers Conor and Alexander.

SCHOOL: Cardinal Wiseman RC School.

EXAMS: Starting GCSEs next term.

CAREER HOPES/AMBITION: Make guitars, play guitars and break guitars (in a rock band!)

INTERESTS: Skateboarding, playing guitar, watching The Simpsons.

DANIEL'S CHOICE: A best friend is someone who doesn't take himself too seriously, but wouldn't do anything out of order to you.

If I could have a new best friend it would be Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons because he's really funny.

I wouldn't choose Eminem, because I would want to beat him up. His rapping is rubbish - like all rap!


HOME: Amit lives with dad Hemet, a manager, mum Anita, a team leader, and brother Jay.

SCHOOL: Ernesford Grange School and Community College.

EXAMS: Starting GCSEs next year.

CAREER HOPES/AMBITIONS: Would like to have a job in IT.

INTERESTS: Cricket and computer games.

AMIT'S CHOICE: I think there are different qualities to being someone's best friend.

To have a best friend you need to show a lot of trust in that person - without trust you can't have a best friend! I think you also need to be expressive.

If there's something on your mind, then you need to talk to someone about it. A true best friend is someone you would never fall out with.

My best friend Philip fits into all these. The person I think who would never be a best friend is Homer Simpson. He's not funny, he's not expressive and he never shows trust. But Bart Simpson would be a cooooool friend. He's very funny!
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Date:Aug 25, 2001
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