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it's cool to korero.

HAERE MAI, and welcome to the May column. Te Ika-a-Maui is the Maori name for the North Island. The story goes that Maui, the trickster demi-god, stowed away on his brothers' waka (Te Waka a Maui--one of the names for the South Island) when they went fishing. Baiting his magic fish-hook (made from his grandmother's jawbone) with his own blood, he pulled up a great catch--Te Ika-a-Maui, the fish of Maui.

Kupu hou

New word

* Te Ika-a-Maui pronounced "Te (as in 'ten") eek-ah ah Mah-ooh-ee"

The fish of Maui/the North Island.

I te Ika-a-Maui ahau i tipu ake ki runga i te pamu.

I grew up on a farm in the North Island.

Rerenga korero


This month's issue features nurse practitioners (NPs). An NP doing a patient assessment might ask for some family health history:

* Kua whakapa atu enei mate ki td whanau?

Do you have a family history of medical conditions I should know about?

mate huango--asthma

mate huka--diabetes

mate hukihuki--epilepsy

mate manawa--heart disease

mate iaia-roro--strokes

mate pukupuku--cancer

* Kei te ora tonu o matua?

Are your parents still alive?

* I mate raua i te aha?

What did your mother/father die of?

* E hia to raua pakeke ka mate?

How old were they when they died?

* E mihi ana ki a Titihuia Pakeho and Rawin' Jansen ("He Pukapuka Reo Hauora Maori") for te reo Maori.

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