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it's a fact.

Andy Warhol's series of Marilyn Monroe silk portraits - created in 1964 - were based on a still photo from the 1952 movie Niagara.

As a cold front moves at a speed of about 30mph, it may overtake any warm front ahead of it. The resulting mixture of air is known as an occluded front.

The shortest complete sentence in English is "go."

Phalacrophobia is the name given to the fear of becoming bald.

For 20 of the 248 Earth years it takes Pluto to orbit the Sun, it is closer to the Sun than Neptune.

An epithalamium is a poem written to celebrate a wedding.

The word count of Marcel Proust's "Remembrance of Things Past" is nearly 1.5million words.

The ostrich has a tremendously powerful kick but can only aim it forwards.

Chinese official Ts'ai Lun invented paper in the 2nd century.

St James is the patron saint of veterinarians.
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