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ionos first game publisher to offer all its game developers shared profits.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 28, 1997--One of the ways a new game publisher can compete in a market that's virtually saturated with competition is to be first to the scene with a new concept that impacts the industry.

ionos Inc. Software Development and Publishing Partners is the first game publisher with a next-generation method of working with game developers that's changing the way deals are made in the industry.

"It's the most equitable deal anyone's ever offered game developers," said ionos President and Chief Executive Officer Mario Vassaux. "We're offering little or no cash advances to developers, but we're completely sharing profits.

"We never make more money than our developers make. Every dime of profit we make becomes a nickel for each of us. It's the next best thing to self publishing, without the investment."

ionos is made up of successful game publishing industry veterans, who are focused on making game titles retail hits. In addition to being the first game publisher to completely share profits with developers, ionos focuses on creating consumer demand by targeting advertising and marketing efforts in traditional and next-generation publications.

"We're utilizing Internet technology in ways that give us competitive advantages in business," said Vassaux. "We're actually able to advertise more efficiently and effectively, reaching our targeted demographics and creating demand for our product in less time and with much less cost.

"We're also able to operate very efficiently with a smaller staff, reducing our overhead and maximizing profits for our game developers. It's a win-win situation for us both." Vassaux mentioned that profits has allowed ionos to acquire high-quality, competitive game submissions by developers that would otherwise require traditional game publishers to spend millions of dollars in advances against royalties.

The first four titles from ionos -- three of which are due to hit stores first quarter -- have been announced, with pictures, sample screen shots and descriptions on ionos' Internet Web site, at .

They are "The Roswell Omen," an exciting 3D adventure game about UFOs and the possibility of life on Mars by Marlin Studios; "Zapitalism Deluxe," a fantasy business stimulation by LavaMind; "DemonStar," a DirectX shooter with music by Bobby Prince (DOOM, Duke Nukem 3D) developed by Mountain King Studios (developer of Apogee's "Raptor"); and "Crazy Drake," a side-scrolling platform game by Neurotech in association with One Reality. All of the titles are for the PC, with cross-platform console versions of several games to hit later in the year.

For more information on ionos Inc. Software Development and Publishing Partners, please contact Mark Shander, vice president of developer relations and communications, at 602/607-3784 (voice/fax) or 602/607-3785 (voice/voice-mail), or send E-mail to

For investor/business information, please contact Mario Vassaux, president and CEO, at 602/607-3784 (voice/fax) or 602/607-3785 (voice/voice-mail), or send E-mail to

Media inquiries only:; Investor inquiries only: .

CONTACT: ionos, Inc., Scottdale

Mark Shander, 602/607-3784
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 28, 1997
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